Really sharp pain in pelvis

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Realitea Sat 07-Dec-19 23:15:09

I’ve had this off and on for a few years now. A sudden sharp shooting pain right in the vagina! It doesn’t feel like it’s an outer problem it feel deep inside. It shoots upwards to lower abdomen. It’ll happen a few times and stop. I’ve had it off and on all day today. Sometimes it’s so painful I consider A&E but then it goes again. Sometimes it’s the same level as labour pain.
I had a pelvic exam when I first told GP. She couldn’t find anything and left it.
Now I’m really wanting to sort this out. What the hell is it?
I did have endometriosis as a teenager. I’ve had two c sections in the past twenty years. Just turned 40.
Hope someone has some suggestions.

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MardyGrass Sun 08-Dec-19 08:22:30

Adhesions from previous surgery?
Muscle spasm?
Pelvic floor dysfunction?
Referred pain from IBS?
Lots of possibilities can't always be diagnosed by exam.
Ask for inflammatory marker blood and a pelvic scan- won't help you diagnose anything but might rule out nasties and put our mind at ease.

Realitea Sun 08-Dec-19 08:38:41

Thank you! I do have IBS and wondered if it was to do with that. I’ve made another appointment so I’ll go in knowing what I want to happen this time.

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