Getting over traumatic illness etc

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Orangeblossom78 Fri 06-Dec-19 12:47:04

Has anyone else got something which can flare up and become life threatening but there is no cure for it?

I'm finding this hard to deal with. My problem is surgical (repeat small bowel obstruction from adhesions). It's basically no more surgery now after several ops including two life saving emergency laparotomies.

Because there is nothing can be done to prevent it happening it is quite hard as you feel quite out of control with it. Also knowing the treatment is horrible- NG tube to the stomach and rushed into surgery..(hopefully not again but been told may be likely due to extent of adhesions)

I just wondered how others manage the anxiety with such a problem? I need to manage it as best I can, in the past on admission to hospital being anxious has not helped me telling my history etc, and is worse when in pain.

I just wondered if anyone felt the same and wanted to share tips on how to handle it.

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ViaSacra Fri 06-Dec-19 19:36:13

I’m a GP, and have referred patients for CBT for the sort of thing you’re describing. They’ve all found it immensely helpful. I have had CBT myself for a different issue and found it to be a hugely positive experience.

There is unfortunately a relatively long waiting list for NHS CBT, so it won’t be immediate.

If you can afford to pay for some private sessions, that might be an option. I can recommend a great CBT therapist in Herts if you’re anyway near that part of the country - she’s the one I send all my patients to if they want to go private.

Orangeblossom78 Fri 06-Dec-19 19:41:01

Thanks I had CBT through psychology referred by GP in the past, around 10 sessions? Not sure, maybe I need to look out my stuff from that. they said I had something called an acute stress reaction after the surgeries. It was helpful

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twolungs Sat 07-Dec-19 03:28:58

flowers to you Op. I have a small increased risk of having a collapsed lung at any point. Like after a flight on holiday. The treatment is not fun. I still have flashbacks three and a half years later. It didn't help that the doctor went to lengths to explain how it could have been fatal.

How do you get past it? I think you have to give yourself permission to live as normal life as possible. Don't restrict your life too much because of it.

Having some cards written up to explain your condition would help when you don't want to have to talk. I carry some of these.

If hospital admission is likely, having a hospital bag ready with a few essentials and comforts in it.

Also planning to minimise stress xx

Orangeblossom78 Sat 07-Dec-19 09:22:53

Towlines that sounds stressful. Especially if you have to limit flying as a result. I get stressed going away in case need to go into hospital. I get insurance to cover it though

Yes it is hard not letting it take over your life and getting on with things, but then also balancing that with being sensible and reducing risks I find. Not easy flowers

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Orangeblossom78 Sat 07-Dec-19 09:23:16

Twolungs, silly autocorrect, sorry.

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