Gastroenteritis. HELP!

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DogCatHat Fri 06-Dec-19 07:14:40

That doesn't sound like a typical tummy bug, to be honest - they're normally faster to develop and then pass quickly. Certainly the one doing the rounds at the moment seems to be more severe and shorter lived.

Definitely phone 111 for advice, but I'd emphasise that it doesn't seem like a typical bug.

SnootleTheSnake Fri 06-Dec-19 07:06:16

Thank you @DrPimplePopper

My husband took the last two days off work to look after our baby and my mum will look after her today (I’m terrified of her catching it).

They say to let it pass and certainly not to go anywhere where you could infect others, but to see a doctor if there’s blood as it could indicate a much more serious infection. Will call 111. Thank you for your response smile

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DrPimplePopper Fri 06-Dec-19 06:59:38

I hope you have someone to help you. Can you call 111 for advice? I thought you had to just let it pass with tummy bugs, not sure about the blood though. Sounds awful, you have my sympathy.

SnootleTheSnake Fri 06-Dec-19 06:51:16

I’m guessing this is what it is, sorry if it’s TMI but it seems to be worsening. Bad stomach pains on Monday night, assumed it was that time of the month. Tuesday on and off cramps and Diarrhea, felt pretty rough but still assumed period, maybe?

Tuesday night comes and they worsen and I start getting flu like symptoms. Terrible shivering. Can’t eat dinner. Fevered sleep with visits to the loo although my body has little to give out.

Wednesday in bed all day, cramps after every sip of water going right through me. Force a few of my husbands chips down as I’m so hungry but the same thing happens as with the water. Same night as before

Thursday things seems to worsen, the trips to the loo are more frequent and painful. I ate some bread as I felt nauseous but that didn’t help, and in the evening I was passing mucus and now what I pass appears bloody? My gut is so sore and I’m feeling incredibly nauseous.

I know they say to see a doctor if there is blood in your stool, but I couldn’t sit in the GP’s or A&E as I’m constantly on the loo in pain and I really weak and very sick. Plus, I the NHS website says to avoid these areas when you have a stomach bug.

Has anyone else experienced this? Should I try and get a doctor out to me? (Not sure how possible that is)

Sorry it’s so long. Any advice or shared experiences will be appreciated.

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