multple scelrosis - is it back?

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somebrightmorning Thu 05-Dec-19 11:26:58

I'm posting in a slightly stressed state but what I think I'm asking is, do I need to tell my brother my suspicions and get him to a doctor? I've even misspelled so he doesn't find this if he's googling sad

My brother had a one-off episode 16 years ago where he awoke to find greatly reduced sensation in both feet. A scan confirmed that there was a "sclerosis" somewhere in the brain. I attended a neurologist appointment with him where the neuro said he should put the episode behind him and he's more or less managed to do this.

He rang today to say that he awoke to disturbed vision - I think he said it was as if everything was moving to the left all the time. It took some minutes (he may have said half an hour) to clear up.

If this may signal a return of his neurological condition or a even a new one AND there is medicine that can control it then I'm going to tell him straight away. Ditto if this raises questions about him driving. But if not I'm going to keep quiet.

I'll try to phone the relevant charity but in the meantime I'd be grateful for any thoughts from those with experience of the condition (but try not to frighten me as he may find this in due course).

thank you.

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Bettertobehealthy Thu 05-Dec-19 12:49:04

Whilst not having any personal experience of MS ,

this post is just in the nature of giving you some information relevant to MS and how vitamin D is thought to be associated with it.

Have a look here .... lots of research, lots of info

IF you want any help in making judgements about the relevance , re: vitD, then do get back to me.

Best of luck , I hope your brother resolves any problems quickly.


Egghead68 Thu 05-Dec-19 13:24:40

Don't panic.

Just encourage him to go to his GP to get checked out.

There are many possible reasons for disturbed vision.

somebrightmorning Thu 05-Dec-19 14:01:52

thanks both.

I had a chat with the MS society helpline, they were very helpful.

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