Lump in outer labia

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scaredycatz Thu 05-Dec-19 07:33:22

I have found a hard, painless, moveable lump in my outer labia, up the top sort of next to the clitoris area. It's actually internal rather than being on the outside like a spot if you know what I mean. It's been there for 5 weeks now and I'm starting to get worried so was just wondering if anyone's had this before and found out what it was? I'm going to try and phone the drs again today but it's extremely difficult to get through let alone get an appointment!

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OldEvilOwl Thu 05-Dec-19 08:04:22

My colleague in work had this exact thing the other week. She went to the GP, they said it was a cyst and it would go away on its own. Please do go to your GP to make sure though, I'm just saying it could be nothing so don't panic/assume the worst

Cornish2 Thu 05-Dec-19 08:13:39

Sounds like a cyst as pp says but I was also thinking hernia as my dd has this as a child and it sounds similar.

DaffodilsAreMyFav Thu 05-Dec-19 08:14:07

I had something similar during pregnancy. Was told it was a varicose vein and nothing to worry about.

scaredycatz Thu 05-Dec-19 10:51:47

I am pregnant so I'm hoping it's just something to do with that as I know it does all sorts of random things to your body. I'd hoped it would have gone away on its own by now but nope.

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