Bleeding belly button

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MrsMrsMrsC Wed 04-Dec-19 22:24:36

Might anyone know why a adults belly button might bleed?
Slightly painful on right side of belly button but no other symptoms of anything

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MooPoo23 Wed 04-Dec-19 22:29:44

I’m not a doctor but would suggest going to see one as soon as you can.

I did a quick search and it could be a number of things from an infection, a cut, a spot, right down to hypertension and endometriosis.

Keep an eye on it and try to keep it dry. If it gets more painful, oozes, gets redder etc then go to the doctors if you haven’t done already x

domesticslattern Wed 04-Dec-19 22:30:55

In a woman, it can be a symptom of endemetriosis (sp?)
Might be worth going to see the GP even if you feel ok.

MrsMrsMrsC Wed 04-Dec-19 22:42:32

Ok thanks
Just a bit weird coz I feel fine but you just don't expect a bleeding belly button at 35

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