Should I call docs? Dvt?

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Mojitomogul Wed 04-Dec-19 10:03:02

Had a long flight home 8 hours, 3 hour transfer and then 8 hours again and got back yesterday afternoon. Was fine from 1pm till about 9pm last night. Fell asleep on the sofa and woke at midnight to a crampy feeling lower leg, not too painful but felt like a pulled muscle and very slightly tingly foot- not enough to say I had pins and needles. It has carried on till this morning and feels the same- its strange cause I'm not in pain ,my lower left leg just feels wierd. Theres no redness or swelling but the calf muscle does feel a bit tight. Havent done any exercise apart from a bit of a walk after the flight so dont really see how it could be a pulled muscle but that's what it feels like? And it gets worse if i bend my toes. I'm a bit worried about a blood clot but at the same time not in pain just feel a bit odd- so dont want to waste doctors time.

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clairethewitch70 Wed 04-Dec-19 10:06:15

If you are worried contact GP surgery. They may be able to fit you in with a nurse practitioner today

StormTreader Wed 04-Dec-19 10:12:14

Yup, appointment time. DVTs dont always discolour, neither of mine did.

Nogodsnomasters Wed 04-Dec-19 12:41:11

Measure both your calves, if the one weird feeling one is even slightly bigger you need to see someone about it today. My friends dh had blood clot concerns and the gp measured the calves, there was a slight difference in circumference so off to A&E he was sent.

Mojitomogul Wed 04-Dec-19 14:42:38

Thank you all very much! There are no appointments at the doctors have been trying to get through all day. So I will measure and see about the circumference and check- thank you for that tip. It feels better than earlier so I'm putting it off but I will get myself off to urgent care later today if it does continue as the doctors said on the phone to go there if it does.

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girlofthenorth Thu 05-Dec-19 20:48:57

Hpc here . Any update ?

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