Pain in gum and tooth

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ReeRi Mon 02-Dec-19 15:49:14

I will seek professional advice obviously. I’m waiting for an appointment but interested to know if anyone has experienced this. I noticed a pain low in my gym, that I could feel through my skin near my chin. Now I can feel it in the tips of my teeth near there

Is this likely to be an abscess?

I’ve never really had toothache before

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mummmy2017 Mon 02-Dec-19 15:53:05

Warm water with salt in it, will help.
Swish it round.

iloveleeds Mon 02-Dec-19 16:08:35

Clove oil can help too

ReeRi Mon 02-Dec-19 16:55:51

Thank you I will try that @mummmy2017

Thanks @iloveleeds I pass through a Boots in the station so will see what they have

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mummmy2017 Mon 02-Dec-19 16:57:19

Dentist told me the salt kills the bugs and draws out the infection, and it worked, he said sometimes thinks are simple.

ReeRi Mon 02-Dec-19 17:29:54

I will definitely try it when I get home @mummm2017 Thanks again

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danni0509 Mon 02-Dec-19 18:23:21

Take some ibuprofen if you can take them too. If not then normal paracetamol.


ReeRi Mon 02-Dec-19 19:22:13

I have been TTC so try not to take ibuprofen. I try not to take anything actually but might have to have some paracetamol if it gets worse! It has got worse since this afternoon. I’m going to see if I can get a dental appointment tomorrow

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iloveleeds Mon 02-Dec-19 22:02:48

I hope you get some relief till you see dentist . Best of luck it's painful I just went through this myself .

iloveleeds Mon 02-Dec-19 22:03:35

If you call 111 you can get emergency dental appointment ? Or find the nearest dental hospital ?

ReeRi Tue 03-Dec-19 14:41:11

I am waiting at the dentist now. It actually felt less intense today but the pain has moved. It’s more in the top of one tooth and at the bottom of my mouth under my tongue / behind my teeth

I feel like he’s not going to find anything wrong and I won’t want an x ray as I’m TTC and in the 2WW

Thank you for the replies 😬

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ReeRi Tue 03-Dec-19 15:15:47

Been to the dentist. I’ve got an abscess and need antibiotics and a root canal 🦷😬

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