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Bad cough - please reassure me

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Notcontent Sun 01-Dec-19 22:46:01

I have had a cough for a few weeks now and can’t get rid of it. I don’t think I am coughing at night but I am during the day - I think it’s a dry cough rather than a chesty one.

I did go to the GP who listed to my chest, etc and has given me an inhaler but it’s not working so far.

I will probably go back to GP soon but in the meantime can someone reassure me that i don’t necessarily have lung cancer?! That would be rather inconvenient... btw, I am mid 40s and have had stubborn coughs in the past but this once seems to be hanging around for longer.

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thumpingrug Mon 02-Dec-19 00:38:47

Seen as how no one else has replied, Ill do it...give you the reassurance you seek.

Its probably just a cough.

Of course I have very little to go on and without a full set of test and scans and prodding and a poking, I cant be certain it isn't something more inconvenient, but thats why your going to go back to your GP and tell them it hasn't gone away. Hope you make it till christmas.

Notcontent Mon 02-Dec-19 08:31:08

Thanks thumpingrug! 😁

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