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Aquamarine1029 Mon 02-Dec-19 00:52:59

The very first thing you need to investigate when it comes to headaches is if you're dehydrated. You may think you drink enough water but you very well may not, especially as you get older. I have to be very aware of my water intake or everything falls to shit.

thumpingrug Mon 02-Dec-19 00:43:10

I get migraines at least once per week. Thankfully most respond to the fairly powerful drugs I carry with me at all times but just occasionally I get one that doesn't and takes 2 or 3 day to subside. Its a form of ongoing hell. I cannot begin to imagine what weeks and weeks must be like but you must return to your GP and have this examined further.

I wish you well.

Anbis Sun 01-Dec-19 22:19:58

I have been experiencing mild headaches for the last 2 months. I have had an eye examination. the optometrist said I needed glasses and he was 95% sure glasses would resolve the headache, I started using the glasses and the headache is still there.

I have also seen my GP, she did some neurological tests and gave me a headache diary. The headache is present everyday 24/7. It is there when I wake and go to bed. It is mild and sometimes I forget about it. It also widespread but most times I feel the pain in my temples, and every area of my head, sometimes my cheekbones as well. It is a dull ache and non throbbing discomfort.

I don't know if anyone else has experienced a headache lasting this long before. It also came after the most stressful experience I have ever had in my life.

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