Lumbar micro discectomy

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MrsExton Sun 01-Dec-19 18:21:32

Hi all, can anyone share their experience how it is recovering from this operation? I’m having L5/S1 out on Tuesday. I’m so disabled just now I walk bent over, leaning on a stick. I’m 40.
Please tell me it gets better

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Littlefrog99 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:11:45

I haven't had this done myself but DP did 4 years ago. Like you, he was in agony and could barely walk. He was very sore after the operation, the drive home was awful so ask whoever is driving you to avoid speed bumps and brake very gently. He was in a fair amount of pain for a couple of weeks but it subsided to a more manageable level and he was more or less pain free after 12 weeks. He was back to weightlifting and martial arts after 5 months and that was being cautious as he was worried about recurrence.

Good luck for your op, you'll be feeling a lot better soon enough!

YogiBear19 Sun 01-Dec-19 22:45:41

Hi there. I’ve had this op twice. The first time was very successful and I just remember waking up with so much relief that the crippling nerve pain has gone. I felt pretty unwell in myself for a good few weeks after and you have to be very careful. The second time I had it was only 3 months ago and I woke in worse pain than before the surgery as a result of the surgeon having to wrestle the nerves from previous scar tissue. I still have nerve pain (probably as a result of scar tissue from two surgeries on the same site) but as I say the first op was a success and an enormous relief which you should experience too.

I’m in for a hysterectomy tomorrow. Ugh!

Good luck with your surgery.

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