Optic disc swelling

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Panpastels Wed 04-Dec-19 20:53:20

Hi @girlofthenorth they were convinced it was IIH until I had my LP, i think it was 19? Definitely within normal. I asked about it again today and for reasons i forget, they have ruled this out totally now.
No angio yet but many more eye scans etc and they now think I have cat scratch disease! There is a scar in my macular which is pointing towards infection and I have a kitten! They are tapering me off the steroids and I start 2 x different anti bios tomorrow.
Thanks for your reply and I hope you are getting good treatment for your condition smile

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girlofthenorth Tue 03-Dec-19 19:37:08

Poor you, how are you getting on ? I have idiopathic intracranial hypertension , what they were looking for when they did your LP. Do you know what your opening pressure was? Mine was only just over the normal points. Are they absolutely positive it's not that ? what did the angiogram show? Hope you are getting some answers . thanks

Panpastels Sun 01-Dec-19 15:57:11

Just wondering if anyone has experienced similar and what it was.
I'm 44, female and overweight. 3 weeks ago I went to the optician with blurred peripheral vision and headaches, I had also been quite stressed.
Optician sent me to a&e due to swollen optic discs, which can indicate serious issues in the brain. CT scans and MRI ruled this out, eventually had a lumbar puncture as they suspected increased pressure in my brain - but this was normal. I've had a chest X-ray, blood tests, numerous eye exams and have been on steroids for a week. Neurology have discharged me and I'm under ophthalmology consultant care. Due to have an angiogram in the next day or so (waiting for call). Meantime my eyes feel worse, i can see, but big blurry patches and multiple floaters; my eye pain is also getting worse. The ophthalmologist is perplexed and said he will keep looking for a cause !
Oh and the steroids are making me very mood swingy angry

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