Done something to my back / neck

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GlitteryBaubles Sun 01-Dec-19 10:53:48

In the shower of all places, straightened up from getting shampoo and felt a sharp pain in the top of my back behind my shoulder. My body almost locked with pain and I couldn’t move my neck, back or arm. This was yesterday and although it’s eased I’m still in a lot of pain. Fine if I keep still but agony if I move in a certain way or turn my neck too far. I’m currently using a heat pack on it which seems to help but is this the right thing to do? I’ve done lots of heavy warehouse work in the last couple of weeks and wonder if that’s what has caused strain. I have work tomorrow with no available cover so any fast healing ideas welcome.

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tobee Sun 01-Dec-19 14:41:02

I would use ibuprofen for the pain and you could use paracetamol at the same time, following the instructions.

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't use heat for pain but ice. A wrapped up bag of frozen peas? Heat can be used later on in the injury treatment I believe.

Rice is the acronym for treatment

tobee Sun 01-Dec-19 14:42:30

Bad luck op, it's horrible to do that, especially after doing something so ordinary. In my experience the best cure is rest. But often the hardest thing to achieve

tobee Sun 01-Dec-19 14:43:42

I realise that illustration is for a limb, but same thing applies

Elieza Sun 01-Dec-19 14:57:45

I did that and went to a chiropractor I found locally on groupon or one of these types of site. Sorted me out. Walked home pain free and upright. Bliss.

ElBatista Sun 01-Dec-19 17:39:11

Be really careful OP. Ibuprofen gel is good. You need to rest it as much as possible.

I second the idea of seeing someone - a chiropractor or sports massage therapist.

Longer term if you do heavy lifting regularly I would definitely recommend seeing a massage therapist now and then.

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