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On Cerazette and no period this month

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Ulysees Tue 21-Aug-07 22:30:56

I've been very 'active' as have just been over to see my bf in the States. I haven't missed a pill, took it religiously.
Am only about a week late but no sign really? I've only been on this pill 3 months so maybe this is normal?
Hope so as a baby wasn't in the plan. I'm 40 next year, we need to get bf living here and well....just hadn't planned on any more.
I won't be devastated if I am but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this on cerazette?
One good sign is I've eaten loads of carbs the last 2 days, Had huge bag of kettle chips this morning....and just had another They only arrived in my Tesco order at 10am. I'm going to have to ask Tesco to ban me from buying them somehow?

worzella Tue 21-Aug-07 22:32:48

i think that's normal - the pack info says the bleeding will be irregular or not at all...

LaDiDaDi Tue 21-Aug-07 22:33:30

I've been on Cerazette for over a year and very very rarely have a period, had none at all for first 6 months and I know others who are the same. We should be grateful, another friend had non stpo heavy bleeding with it and had to stop taking it.

pirategirl Tue 21-Aug-07 22:33:31

i am on cerazette, you take it every day without a break, its a mini pill type, so your not suppoed to get any periods at all.

Not sure what you have done, have you been doing the break thing?

Ulysees Tue 21-Aug-07 22:38:06

no have taken it every day but first 2 months had regular periods that lasted 8 days as opposed to 6.

Thanks for the information. I read this can happen but wanted mumsnetters to confirm it is pretty normal.

I'm still going to do a test though just to put my mind at rest. You can buy them for 99p in Savers so will get a couple tomorrow then I have one. No doubt will be doing this every month?

TotalChaos Tue 21-Aug-07 22:45:36

normal! I have been on cerazette for over a year, tend to have nothing for a few months, then two withink a short space of time...

pirategirl Tue 21-Aug-07 22:51:28

i am amazed, i truly thought most women got no periods at all. Was warned of a little bleed, i guess its different then for us all.

loopylou6 Tue 21-Aug-07 22:56:32

yep im on it aswell,been on it for 3 years, i sometimes dont bleed for absolute months, then sometimes i spot for weeks, its very erratic, but i havenoticed that if u forget one that can make u bleed a week or so later

Ulysees Fri 24-Aug-07 17:53:51

negative home test and negative at drs grin

So, just looks like I'm one of those who may not get regular periods?

Anyway, was quaking today waiting for the result on the phone so I know a baby isn't right for me. Too blardy old now anyway.

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