Will Movocol unblock a toilet?

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wintersweet1977 Fri 29-Nov-19 23:49:20

My son has huge issues with his bowels. He's been prescribed Movocol and picosulphate, he also has autism and huge issues with taste and won't take either of the medication.

As a result he only has a bowel movement every three or four days, they are massive and hard and normally block the toilet.

Not normally a problem my luigi plunger is fab but this time it's not moving the blockage, I'm sure it's pooh! I have a few months worth of movocol and I'm thinking if I shove a load down the toilet it should soften the pooh? And then make it possible to clear the blockage and flush it all away? Does this sound right?

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OldElPasoHadAChicken Fri 29-Nov-19 23:51:54

I'm afraid that's not how movicol works. But you have my sympathy. We've been there too.

BornInAThunderstorm Fri 29-Nov-19 23:57:03

Fairy liquid may help it slip down though

PenelopeFlintstone Sat 30-Nov-19 00:01:18


DramaAlpaca Sat 30-Nov-19 00:03:19

Pouring a bucket of water down the toilet from a height will usually get rid of a blockage.

GrumpyHoonMain Sat 30-Nov-19 00:03:55

Boiling hot water should do it

LonginesPrime Sat 30-Nov-19 00:07:16

Erm, no. It's for humans, not toilets!

You could try bicarb and vinegar, or one of those long, thin metal plumbing rods that you can push right round the u-bend to break the blockage down physically (I would try to break it down chemically first though to weaken it).

Hopefully the movicol will get rid of the hard stools in any case - good luck!


LonginesPrime Sat 30-Nov-19 00:12:21

Sorry, I just re-read and realised he's not actually taking the movicol, which seems to be as big an issue that the toilet - assuming you've tried flavouring it, putting it in a smoothie/milkshake/hot chocolate, definitely go back to the GP and ask for help as he will clearly need something.

Does he see an OT who might be able to help with problem-solving the taste issues?

ewwsweatyunderboob Sat 30-Nov-19 00:14:09

Omg that other thread is hilarious!

Am I the only one worrying about splash back with the hot water from a height trick? envy

LonginesPrime Sat 30-Nov-19 00:15:08

And once you've got the toilet sorted, while he's still not taking medication, put a carrier bag in the toilet (you might want to poke a few holes in it to let any wee through) to catch the poo then you can throw it away instead of flushing it.

wintersweet1977 Sat 30-Nov-19 00:15:44

Thanks for your responses, I can't pour anything down as the liquid in the toilet is only two centimetres from the top... I've just locked it from the outside for now, hopefully it'll drain a little overnight.

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OctoberLovers Sat 30-Nov-19 00:23:46

I have no words....

TommyandGina Sat 30-Nov-19 00:24:38

I hope you manage to solve it OP. I had similar problems with my ds (17) and hard poo. He is a wheelchair user which meant he often got bunged up inside. The gp and paediatrician prescribed movicol or lactulose which he refused, along with picosulfate, which he also refused. Eventually they gave in and prescribed docusate tablets 2 x twice daily which are working well to keep things softer for him. He's feeling much happier about things now.

I wonder if you might be able to get your son to take them, they are nurofen sized with no smell or taste and are shiny / easy to swallow. Can be bought over the counter as dulco-ease.

Good luck, I hope you get it solved.

nevertellmetheodds Sat 30-Nov-19 00:25:14

Moviolas works by adding water to the stool.....

You add it to your blocked toilet.....hmm

Do it for our entertainment though?!?

nevertellmetheodds Sat 30-Nov-19 00:25:27


PenelopeFlintstone Sat 30-Nov-19 00:25:29

Before you go to bed, squirt loads of dishwashing liquid into the pan. It’s not for cleaning. It’s a YouTube way of unblocking the toilet.

HairsprayBabe Sat 30-Nov-19 00:26:44

You need a toilet air blaster they are the best thing for loo blockages ours regularly backs up - no idea why I'm not doing monster poos and we are really careful about what we put down there.

Try a combo of one shot drain cleaner to dissolve the blockage - supposed to be professional use only but you can get it on ebay. And a air blaster gun works every time for us.

LonginesPrime Sat 30-Nov-19 00:33:26

Oh, and try a cooper's plunger, the flat ones - they're brilliant!

Funnyface1 Sat 30-Nov-19 13:26:57

Dear God

scaevola Sat 30-Nov-19 13:29:56

Get an old wire coathanger (bending it as necessary) and mash up the hard poo.

Discard the coathanger immediately after.

ysmaem Sat 30-Nov-19 13:31:44

That's not how movicol works. Does he drink cordial/squash? My son is taking movicol long term and hes not a big fan of it so I add squash to the concussion and he says it just tastes like squash.

Purpleartichoke Sat 30-Nov-19 13:42:07

I know you aren’t supposed to mix movicol with dairy because it is much less effective, but milk hides the taste and texture so much better. We had dd take it in chocolate milk for years. It was that or she wouldn’t get it at all and she really needed to take it.

I’ve also taken it occasionally. Juice is much better than water. It also helps if you let it sit for 15 minutes before drinking. So whatever you put it in, mix it well and stick it back in the fridge, then mix again and drink

Jins Sat 30-Nov-19 13:46:37

Bio washing liquid or pods. Chuck it in the loo then forget about it for a while.

You can use them instead of toilet chemicals in caravan toilets and apparently they break waste down brilliantly.

Betterversionofme Sat 30-Nov-19 13:47:25

Marry a plummer

80sMum Sat 30-Nov-19 13:49:33

Bleach is your friend in this situation! Pour a bottle of domestos (or any other bleach) in there and walk away. Leave it a few hours. The bleach will have broken down the stool and you should then be able to flush it. Give it time to work: don't be tempted to flush too soon!

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