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oneboy3girls Fri 29-Nov-19 10:51:30

I have now been recalled for a third smear test ,because there were not enough cells in the sample the previous two times .Is this due to the operator,my body, the laboratory or just bad luck? Any one experienced similar?

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Betterversionofme Fri 29-Nov-19 10:54:51

I feel for you.

hannah1992 Fri 29-Nov-19 11:16:23

I was recalled for my last one. Nurse said not enough cells had been collected in the sample. She said "I'll give you a good one this time".

Funnily enough the first one I hadent felt anything. The second one I could feel like an ache in my lower pelvis. Not painful but i could feel it and that one came back fine.

You've probably had 2 crappy nurses

oneboy3girls Fri 29-Nov-19 14:41:29

Thankyou for replying.

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JustDanceAddict Fri 29-Nov-19 15:43:34

Bad luck! I used to get that in my 20s but not for a long time.

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