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Panic/anxiety attack

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missisl24 Wed 27-Nov-19 13:25:15

Hi everyone
Just asking how a panic/anxiety attack feels. I have my own business and I have been extremely stressed over the past six weeks through different things happening.
I had a really busy social weekend and drunk a lot more than usual on Saturday night. On Sunday I felt very shaky but carried on as normal. However through the night on Sunday I woke up sweating and my heart was racing so fast. Managed to go back to sleep. Woke up on Monday and had a pain in my chest which stayed all day. I woke up yesterday and felt better. This morning I was doing some housework when the chest pain came back - it's just below my left shoulder and my heart keeps racing then I go back to feeling okay.
I was going to go to the local walk in centre but then I'm wondering if it's not medical and an anxiety or panic attack.
Any advice x
So sorry for the long post

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Oldmum55 Wed 27-Nov-19 13:35:24

Not sure it could well be a panic attack but I would have it checked out just to be sure.

Nogodsnomasters Wed 27-Nov-19 19:22:49

It does sound like anxiety, but you should have it checked regardless so as to rule out everything else. When I first started having anxiety symptoms 10 years ago my doctor wanted the heart palpitations and chest pain looked into first to be sure, so I had an ecg which was normal. Better to be safe than sorry.

missisl24 Wed 27-Nov-19 20:10:17

Had an ecg my heart is beating faster than it should.
I was diagnosed with stress and anxiety and panic attacks. I have to stop drinking coffee and no caffeine products and chill

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tobee Wed 27-Nov-19 21:49:07

Glad you got an answer op! thankscake

Before I read your last post, I wondered if you blood sugars had been effected by your weekend?

Panic/anxiety is horrible!

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