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Just HOW concerned should I be about lead paint on toys from China?

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KerryMumbledore Tue 21-Aug-07 14:02:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Tue 21-Aug-07 14:09:53

What I'm worried about is the poor people who were working around all that lead.

Any news about what has been happening to them and their children, too?

ChippyMinton Tue 21-Aug-07 14:13:16

kerry, IIRC you brought this up before when the thomas stuff was recalled, so it's been preying on your mind for a while now. Would it not be best to see the doctor, to talk it through, and hopefully put your mind at rest?

LIZS Tue 21-Aug-07 14:15:46

The risk was low anyway, especially since your ds didn't have any of the recalled ones 9they will ahve checked batches, adn the recall precautionary . Remember we grew up before the ban of lead in paint for kids toys and furntiure, and lead free petrol but have survived.

The woman from Mattel was asked about the factory workers on tv and if they had a responsibilty for their welfare and didn't really reply, just said they would ensure future paint supplies were ok

KerryMumbledore Tue 21-Aug-07 14:31:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KerryMumbledore Tue 21-Aug-07 14:32:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Tue 21-Aug-07 14:33:26

'Have also read that the media hoopla is part of U.S. plot to undermine Chinese export machine '

What a crock of shit. So no one's allowed to question the well-being of these workers and their children, and their water supply for that matter, without being accused of undermining the fat cat, robber baron bosses who are getting rich off these workers' backs?

KerryMumbledore Tue 21-Aug-07 14:38:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil Tue 21-Aug-07 14:43:57

great article here from The Times

Roskva Tue 21-Aug-07 14:49:01

To be perfectly honest, I think it's about time we all started questioning why we are so happy to buy goods that are produced in countries where there is no health and safety legislation, no environmental regulations, and no social protection for workers. The absence of all those means that those countries can produce goods vastly cheaper than we can in Europe, but at what ultimate cost? China is opening a new fossil fuel fired power station every week, which makes a mockery of our feeble - and pointless in the global context - unilateral attempts to reduce carbon emissions. It's not just toys from China that have been recalled recently: more worryingly, pharmaceutical and health care products have been recalled recently too, and the boss of one of the companies involved was executed on the orders of the Chinese government (that makes the suicide of the toy factory boss look less noble).

Okay, I'll get off my high horse now. Can anyone tell me where I can buy fair trade toys that are attractive to children rather than to adults, and ethically produced clothes that don't cost a bl*dy fortune?

KerryMumbledore Tue 21-Aug-07 14:52:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS Tue 21-Aug-07 14:54:54

and if it uses such dodgy materials to make the products imagine what is being discharged into the environment. Mind you the US can hardly talk about any environmental records.

expatinscotland Tue 21-Aug-07 14:55:36

Those poor workers! No unions, no benefits, no health and safety, no welfare.

KerryMumbledore Tue 21-Aug-07 15:26:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LunarSea Tue 21-Aug-07 15:55:41

The Thomas recall only affects engines made fairly recently (I can't find the page I originally saw the dates on, but this one from nz has similar info), so if he hasn't played with them for a couple of years I guess you bought them before the start of 2005 and you should be ok.

LIZS Tue 21-Aug-07 15:59:17

Thomas recall info

Roskva Tue 21-Aug-07 16:59:11

The companies sourcing goods in China are making a massive profit. The less they pay per unit, the more money they pocket. If the toys were made in Europe, they would probably cost 3 times as much to give the distributers and big retailers the same profit levels.

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