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Vitamin D advice

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dayslikethese1 Tue 26-Nov-19 10:35:42

I am wondering if anyone can enlighten me on this topic. According to the NHS, it can be a good idea to take a supplement Sept-March as we don't get enough vitamin D from sunlight. They say you need 10 micrograms a day.

Does anyone know a good supplement? I have heard there are different types and also that you can get a spray one. Some seem to come with Calcium as well. Are supermarket ones OK? I am a bit overwhelmed with info and am not sure which is best.

I think I am needing to supplement as I always feel quite low energy and occasionally depressed in the winter and I think this might help.

Anyone got any experience of different supplements? I don't know where to start.

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CurlyWurlyTwirly Tue 26-Nov-19 10:41:38

I was prescribed this one by my GP as I am severely deficient.
4 capsules a day for 3 months.
I think it’s worth having a blood test ( I did)

CurlyWurlyTwirly Tue 26-Nov-19 10:42:57

So my dose is 80 micro grams per day.
Thé capsules are 20 mg each, do I would say that’s the minimum dose.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Tue 26-Nov-19 10:43:57

It’s from Boots. You may be able to buy it over the counter without a prescription

PurpleFrames Tue 26-Nov-19 10:50:04

You can get tablets in boots- it's a very low dose though compared to a prescribed dose after a blood test. Best to ask the GP when you're next there what's best for you

PurpleFrames Tue 26-Nov-19 10:51:03

My prescribed dose was 10,000 IU a day if I remember right 🤔

Pinkflipflop85 Tue 26-Nov-19 10:51:14

I have a high dose prescribed due to being so deficient but I buy it over the counter...cheaper than paying for a prescription!

noenergy Tue 26-Nov-19 16:24:50

I have been prescribed the same as @CurlyWurlyTwirly, I have to take 5 capsules daily.

avocadochocolate Tue 26-Nov-19 16:46:49

A doctor told me recently that the spray ones are best.

forkfun Tue 26-Nov-19 16:48:58

My GP said for prevention and keeping levels up the spray ones are best. I get mine from Holland and Barrett. They do a junior version for kids. Taste minty.

ArthurtheCatsHumanSlave Tue 26-Nov-19 16:53:03

DD has just been tested, and they said her levels were lower than they should be, but didn't seem concerned enough to give her a prescription.

Their advice was to get it in oil form, as this is absorbed better. So, as with a pp, I went to Holland and Barrett and got the standard spray, which you just squirt once a day on the inside of your cheek. DD says it tastes fine, minty.

Orangeblossom78 Tue 26-Nov-19 17:24:51

You can get it online fairly cheap, I get these for my older DC. they like the gummies more than tablets

Orangeblossom78 Tue 26-Nov-19 17:27:39

Also the spray seems to be reduced on there - or for kids

Orangeblossom78 Tue 26-Nov-19 17:28:10

Sorry looks like an ad!

Mumma1984 Tue 26-Nov-19 19:03:05

I have that better you spray - 3000 strength - tastes like minty - quick spray every morning! smile

dayslikethese1 Wed 27-Nov-19 19:20:48

Thanks everyone, might try the spray one.

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