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Question about opticians

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quint Mon 20-Aug-07 23:08:49

You know how when pregnant and up to the 1st birthday of baby you get free prescriptions and dental treatment - does this include eye tests?

Am having lots of headaches, getting tired when driving lots and the TV wasn;t as clear as usual tonight (In fact probably hasn;t been for a while) so need to get my eyes tested anyway, was just wondering whether it was free or not!

totaleclipse Mon 20-Aug-07 23:21:05

Yes, basically you get free nhs treatment, this includes your eyesight, just take along your exemption certificate.

quint Mon 20-Aug-07 23:24:57

thank you! Everything helps!

totaleclipse Mon 20-Aug-07 23:25:56


Nemo2007 Mon 20-Aug-07 23:28:20

now I didnt think it included opticians I would phone to check

Nemo2007 Mon 20-Aug-07 23:32:04

are entitled to a free NHS sight test if you:
are under 16, or under 19 and in full time education,are aged 60 and over,are registered blind or partially sighted,have diabetes or glaucoma,are aged 40 or over with a first degree relative with glaucoma, or have been diagnosed at risk of glaucoma,have been prescribed a complex lens, orare receiving certain benefits or credits (click on the links below for more details).

MyMILisDoloresUmbridge Mon 20-Aug-07 23:32:33

I am an optom but in Ireland and I have noticed that a lot of people who are pg in the UK are advised not to have their eyes checked when pregnant as the presciption may be unstable. Have only found this personally in a handful of cases but wonder whether this might mean you are not covered? I would phone to check, as Nemo says!

totaleclipse Mon 20-Aug-07 23:35:18

Ah, sorry if I mislead you, was sure specsavers do.

quint Tue 21-Aug-07 13:15:42

went today (they needed testing anyway) and I wondered as DD2 wasn;t yet 1 whether I might be convered - just in case anyone is wondering the same - you're not! Oh well, never mind.

Thanks everyone for getting back to me, nice to know that you can pretty much ask anything on here and get an immediate response.

bigcar Tue 21-Aug-07 14:12:29

Our local Tesco do free eye tests for anyone, the only catch is you have to go between 10am and noon to get it for free. Worth a go if your looking for a freebie!

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