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Help with pain please

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EmNetta Fri 22-Nov-19 13:06:05

About an hour ago, I dragged shoe tree from tangle in box at bottom of wardrobe, until sudden pain in chest made me yell. Still hurts to cough or take deep breath etc, and with no improvement in ribs/heart area am starting to wonder if I should get help and or use some ibuprofen gel.
I do have some biofreeze gel (for back pain) and also an old TENS machine, but neither are to be used in heart area, as I remember.
Does anyone have a view on either the ibuprofen gel or maybe some heat treatment via microwave or anything really to improve the pain? Please?

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girlofthenorth Fri 22-Nov-19 15:56:39

How is t now ? Can you take some paracetamol or some ibruprofen ? You may have pulled a muscle .

EmNetta Fri 22-Nov-19 17:21:21

I have both thanks, plus even stronger stuff, and some anti-bruising Hirudoid (recommended by brother who used to do Judo), just not sure which would be best without a diagnosis. Pain is about the same thanks, although still discovering new and interesting movements and glad I'm alone to hear my noises.
Looking forward to an early night, but thankyou for the best diagnosis yet (from another northerner).

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girlofthenorth Fri 22-Nov-19 19:40:37

Well hope it settles ! If you still have it in the morning I'd really go and get it checked out thanks

EmNetta Fri 22-Nov-19 21:31:09

Still awaiting improvement after rubbing on the bruise medication, but really don't want to v isit surgery or A&E and couldn't drive myself anyway. My usual pain meds at 8pm have made no difference at all, so will have a hunt for cough mixture.(Had CT scan last week for cough, which is most painful since this morning's experience in wardrobe). Thanks for advice & flowers.

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