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daughter assaulted by schoolfriend

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dizzykin Thu 21-Nov-19 23:04:04

Dear All, My daughter was seriously sexually assaulted while drunk at a party by a boy from school. She did not want to go to the police so we went to school to find out their policy - she really wanted him to know what he did was wrong. When confronted the boy accused my daughter of a sex act on him against his will. We have now involved the police. has anybody any experience of this please?

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Nat6999 Fri 22-Nov-19 00:01:51

My son was sexually assaulted by one of his dad's carers The best advice I can offer you is for you to record any injuries, take photographs if you can, gently try to get a written record of what happened. Your local hospital should have a department that specialises in child assault & will have trained people who can talk to your daughter. I had to take my son to the local children's hospital A & E, we saw a lovely doctor who immediately referred us to the unit, we saw someone a couple of hours later who spoke both to me & then my son on his own, she saw my son every week for 3 months to help him make sense of what happened, the police were frankly rubbish & the man who assaulted my son was allowed to carry on working as a carer but thankfully he moved out of the city we live in. It has taken nearly 5 years for my son to recover properly but thankfully he is doing well, he was assaulted over a period of 3 months from the age of 10 to 11, he is nearly q6 now.

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