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Sleep apnea anyone?

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Letsallcountsheep Thu 21-Nov-19 01:24:22

Have had my sleep study to confirm now waiting for my treatment to start.

Anybody else in the same position? Do you sleep with your OH?

Mine makes me feel like crap most nights, like I'm snoring on purpose just to keep him up. Both ill with cold at the min as well which doesn't help.

Just want to cry most bedtimes coz all I want to do is sleep but constantly being woken up 😫😫😫

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CMOTDibbler Thu 21-Nov-19 01:37:03

DH has OSA, and has been on CPAP for 13 years now. His CPAP is so quiet I can't hear it (unless his mask slips) and he is evangelical about it as it made such a difference to his life

Letsallcountsheep Thu 21-Nov-19 01:44:19

Thanks I'm waiting for mine which I'll get in December (am counting down to deep sleep)

Did you sleep in the same room before?

The reason I ask is apart from this issue my OH and I don't argue very often, disturbed sleep is our constant argument so I looking for reassurance that once I receive treatment this will hopefully stop and will stop having this dread for bedtime

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CMOTDibbler Thu 21-Nov-19 20:48:17

We did, but I sleep like a log and his snoring (though absolutely appalling and a massive issue if we wen camping) didn't wake me until we had ds and I couldn't get back to sleep because of him.

Be prepared to try a few masks or nasal pillows till you find the right one that fits you - it makes all the difference

goose1964 Fri 22-Nov-19 00:56:23

I have sleep apnoea and the cpap machine is a godsend. I have gone down from high levels of apnoeas to the odd snoring episode every now and then. The machine is near enough silent but my husband says he can hear me breathing through the mask which is a slightly odd sound, a bit like quiet Darth Vader.

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