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Help/advice - coughing to point of vomiting, breathing problems and chest pain

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BlackCatFan Wed 20-Nov-19 15:50:07


Can I have some advice please? Started with a cold a couple of weeks ago which has turned into a sore throat.. has got progressively worse over the last two days, throat is raw and now I'm coughing until I'm sick! 😔 earlier today I had real problems getting my breath back, like mucus was stuck in my airway (sorry) I was starting to panic. I'm ok now but scared it will happen again..! my chest is starting to hurt now as well. Any recommendations on what I could get from the pharmacy? Or should I go to the docs? Thanks

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Seeline Wed 20-Nov-19 15:54:07

I was like that when I had whooping cough.

I 'd go to the GP if it has been going on that long, could be a chest infection needing antibiotics.

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