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NG tube

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NewYoiker Wed 20-Nov-19 00:23:12

Anyone had one I'm really nervous, I've placed many many tubes but I have no experience of actually having one.. can I ask to do it myself? I'm so scared.

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starfishmummy Wed 20-Nov-19 00:38:42

Why not just ask? I have heard of people doing so, so of you think you can do it, then why not?

Dont forget the support charity PINNT. Free to join and lots of help and advice from the patients perspective (theres a members only fb page).

(Mum to a tubie)

Rose87777 Wed 20-Nov-19 00:43:13

Is it for a diagnostic procedure or an NG feeding tube? I pass them every day and have had the passed on me by trainees. I assure you it is mind over matter! Follow the instructions of the person passing the tube and you will be absolutely fine. Wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself, just a bit of an awkward angle.

NewYoiker Wed 20-Nov-19 02:11:39

@Rose87777 it's for feeding, I'm going on bowel rest liquids for Crohns

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Rose87777 Wed 20-Nov-19 03:08:30

Ah I see. You will be absolutely fine OP. You Chrons sufferers are made of steel I swear - you go through much worse on a regular basis! Very best of luck flowers

fireandicecubes Wed 20-Nov-19 09:08:41

I’ve had 2, one for liquid feeding & the other to empty my stomach following a blocked bowel (I also have Crohns but now it’s well managed after surgery). The worst bit was getting it in, after that I didn’t really feel it. Both were only in for a few days - how long will you have yours for? Have you had any other liquid feeds? I was on Modulen twice & found it better than the Ensure or Fortisip but hospitals tend not to offer it as it’s very expensive. Good luck

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