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Dairy intolerance

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jimmyjamas Mon 20-Aug-07 14:33:44

Hi. Are there any mumsnetters with a Dairy intolerance?

I have noticed after breakfast (Cereal followed by toast), I get really bad stomach cramps, need to rush to the toilet, get trapped wind and generally feel bloated and yucky. The Gastro reckons I have IBS, but I think I have an intolerance to certain foods.

I Have been trying different things and avoiding others and switched from cows milk to goats milk and have noticed an improvement, however I thought goats milk contains lactose as does cows milk and that Lactose is the problem, am I right??

Anyway, I also have a sensitivity to wheat and cut down on foods containing wheat.

Does anyone know if I can be tested for intolerances such as dairy? And where do I go? Would my GP do a test? I just want to feel normal again.

bettythebuilder Mon 20-Aug-07 15:21:06

I had a hydrogen breath test done by the NHS to check for lactose intolerance.

I'd been diagnosed with ibs but there was no effort to find out what caused the ibs, iyswim, so after a few more months of misery (symptoms like you've described!) dh made me go back to the GP for some tests.

The hydrogen test was the first one done, and was positive. I've now cut out all dairy and I'm much better.

Unless I have a slip (usually hidden dairy if I eat at a restaurant) I have the bloating, stomache cramps and diarhoea again, so I know it's worth avoiding all lactose!

moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 15:25:54

dont know but ds has awful d and v if he has cows milk so has goats milk instead as easier to refused to test him after months and month of baby having diarhea so tried goats now says well if it works its ok.which i suppose it is!

jimmyjamas Mon 20-Aug-07 18:24:19

betty - What do u have to avoid altogether? I'm guessing all types of milk (rice milk is ok though isn't it?), butter, cheese, cream. What else? It's just i am wondering what I should be avoiding (still have butter on my toast though ).

SexyChick Mon 20-Aug-07 20:28:23

You can't eat cheese, butter, or any animals milk, including goats. You can buy Lactofree milk from almost anywhere.

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