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Hypertension.. in twenties.

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Lak1115 Mon 18-Nov-19 20:22:26

So.. I am 28 and my Bp is higher than it should be.

No obvious symptoms but was feeling unwell and GP checked it so told me to book an ambulatory monitor, which I had done today. No official results but the readings were particularly high.

It’s High.. family history of blood pressure issues but mainly above 40-50. I feel too young for it.

Had blood tests to check sugar levels, thyroid etc. All fine.

I am under a lot of stress at the minute too..

Suffer from anxiety, am overweight but not terribly unhealthy I don’t think, I am pretty active, complete t-total for 7 years now and don’t smoke. Also don’t drink tea or coffee and don’t add salt to food (but I know I need to check for added salts).

Advice? Will I be given medication or be advised on life style changes? Probably could do with losing 4 stone at least!

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Oldmum55 Mon 18-Nov-19 20:34:58

Lak they will start by recommending life style changes, including weight loss if you are overweight. Good that you don't smoke/drink. It might bring your blood pressure down without the need for medication. Otherwise you will be tried on different drugs at the lowest dosage to start with and followed up.

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