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How do they scan kidneys ?

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Comps83 Mon 18-Nov-19 16:44:49

I’ve had a letter through with an appt for a kidney X-ray. Appt is in the week before I’m due to give birth . Do I have to lie on my front? If so I will have to re arrange it

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GrandmaSharksDentures Mon 18-Nov-19 16:55:43

X-ray or ultra sound?

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 18-Nov-19 16:56:46

It doesn't sound right that they are x-raying you while pregnant. Are you sure you've got that right? Your title says scan but your thread says x-ray.

CatToddlerUprising Mon 18-Nov-19 16:56:57

I had an ultra sound but within the X-ray department. It may be worth giving them a call to check they are happy to X-ray or scan whilst you’re full term

Comps83 Mon 18-Nov-19 17:01:05

Ah right yeah ultrasound at the X-ray department sorry .

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ALemonyPea Mon 18-Nov-19 17:03:50

They will ultrasound from your sides. You'll lie on your back and may need to roll onto either side. It shouldn't hurt.

Mumma1984 Mon 18-Nov-19 17:39:56

I had a kidney ultrasound when I was pregnant - as above you just lie on your back and they get you to roll slightly if they need, I had a kidney op as a kid and they asked me if I'd like them to go in through the back or the front - I chose my back so I didn't have to look at the scar!

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