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Diarrhoea in 10 month old

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littlemissbull Mon 20-Aug-07 12:13:37

My daughter has had loose watery poos for 7 days. No vomitting or temperature. Yesterday she has developed cold and runny nose. Took her to dr this morning and she said to stop all milk bottles and any food with milk until it clears up and then reintroduce slowly over 7-10days. This seems like madness to me to stop what constitutes most of her fluid intake. She has a morning bottle of formula, formula in her brek cereal and bedtime bottle. Rest of time she is on solids. Has anyone else been told to stop milk by a dr???

Just looked in 'What to expect' book and first thing that says is continuing formula or breast milk is best in most cases. I'm confused. Am taking a sample up to the drs to be tested later today.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is first time she has been ill like this and is my first child.

Olihan Mon 20-Aug-07 12:22:44

I was told NOT to starve ds1 when he had a tummy bug. I think I kept to bland foods - toast, crackers, rice, pasta, that sort of thing but kept the bottles the same. You're right about fluid intake and if she's got the runs then she needs lots of fluids.

The runny poo MAY be linked to the cold, my dcs always get yucky poos when they're brewing for a cold, something to do with the mucus/snotty stuff working through their system [bleurgh].

littlemissbull Mon 20-Aug-07 12:41:55

Thanks for that. I meant to say the most crucial thing she has been teething and cutting four top teeth all this last week right when the diarrhoea has started. I mentioned this to the dr and said I thought it may be down to that as up until yesterday she had no symptoms of anything else and she didn't even grace me with a reply.

Olihan Mon 20-Aug-07 16:56:56

Teething also made my 2 have weird poos, quite runny, grainy, incredibly smelly and nappy rash inducing. I put it down to all the excess saliva they were swallowing but I have no idea if that is correct!

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