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housemdwaswrong Mon 18-Nov-19 10:31:47

Does anyone have this? I'm looking for some relief from the ear pressure/ earache which is currently driving me insane.

I know the cause is the retrodiscal tissue that's thickened due to an underlying inflammatory process and it's scarred so not responding to anti inflammatories. In waiting for a follow up.

When it flares up the toothache and everything is horrendous. But the ear pressure/ earache / ringing in ears is constant regardless of whether it's flaring or not.

Any tips?

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curlyfries Mon 18-Nov-19 10:53:20

Hi, have just returned from doctors about exactly the same, don’t have earache but constant tinitus, my TMJ disorder started the day after dental treatment a couple of months ago. I’m under the max facial team and have been referred for physio, in the mean time it’s ibuprofen and jaw exercises that I found on line, a hot water bottle helps. Sorry no real advise but I can totally relate, sometimes it feels like all my teeth ache.

moreismore Mon 18-Nov-19 10:54:38

You mind find massage to ease your neck muscles and the small muscles around the jaw is beneficial. Also heat as PP mentioned

housemdwaswrong Mon 18-Nov-19 12:37:39

Thank you both. I am trying heat but it's not a practical place to apply hot water bottles! I have got an extra long one from home bargains though that I can wrap around my neck and lean head on sort of thing.

Surgeon said not to do exercises, because the muscle is already too big, and he never understands why people are told to exercise already stressed muscles. He seemed to know his stuff so I'll stick with that for now.

It's a bugger isn't it? Haven't found traditional painkillers to do anything, and whilst at the minute my teeth don't hurt, the constant ear pain is draining.

Thanks both. I have initial appointment on wed, with nhs maxfax (I think a nurse for initial assessment) after seeing private consultant for scans etc. He recommended an arthrocentisis (sp) but who knows what the other guy will recommend.

I can't see how washing the jaw out will make a difference to a swollen muscle, but I'll find out Wednesday.

I'll try massage, carry on with hot water bottles & swilling down painkillers.

@curlyfries hole you get some relief soon. I just want to pop my ears they are so full and pressured. Im wearing headphones to do some work to distract my ears grin not wholly scientific I don't think!

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isabellerossignol Mon 18-Nov-19 12:41:14

Can I ask a question?

Do you have a whole aching jaw, teeth and pain right into the jaw joint? And occasionally stabbing pains?

I've been suffering for the past month or so and it's driving me demented. The dentist has assured me there is no tooth abscess or damage, but I thought tmj would have been pain in the jaw joint, higher up...

housemdwaswrong Mon 18-Nov-19 13:01:02

@Isabella yes.

Mine suddenly became very constricted, but no pain initially.

Then toothache top and bottom on the same side. Not a specific tooth, but a dragging pain. It felt like all my teeth were going to fall out. In the end, earache joined in because the jaw joint sits right in front of ear and nerves interpret it as ear pain.

Dental xrays all clear. If your dentist hasn't suggested tmj, get to your gp and ask for a referral to maxfax.

I have a lot iff pain on and off generally, this is the only paino that's made me cry out of desperation because nothing relieves it. Talk to gp asap.

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isabellerossignol Mon 18-Nov-19 13:05:15

Thank you. I'll make an appointment with the GP. Its exactly as you have described - feels like toothache top and bottom but not a specific tooth. And ear pain etc.


curlyfries Mon 18-Nov-19 13:23:54

@housemdwaswrong, did your problems start with restricted movement? When this all started a couple of months ago I could barely open my mouth, I could only eat anything the consistency of custard, that went on for about six weeks, it was terrifying as I though it was never going to go away, my mouth became very sore and sensitive too.
I have to go back to dentist for further treatment but the max facial surgeon said it’s likely that the same will happen again.
I too have the general dental pain that doesn’t feel like a specific tooth @isabellerossignol, it’s horrible

wfrances Mon 18-Nov-19 13:49:50

i have this
after years of max facial hospital visits its hopefully been sorted with botox injections, i only had them done recently but it is feeling better(fingers crossed ) the only other thing that helped me straight away was diazapam ,as it relaxed the muscle.

Bluerussian Mon 18-Nov-19 13:52:33

Get yourself booked in to see a specialist in TMJdysfunction. That is the best thing I ever did! I saw a marvellous oral surgeon who ran a clinic for TMJ dysfunction - he suffered from it himself. That does make a difference.

The dentist I had at that time (who wasn't marvellous in many respects), also had it and got me an urgent appointment.

All the best.

housemdwaswrong Mon 18-Nov-19 14:17:38

@curlyfries yes. About 6 weeks I think the first time. It initially wasn't painful, just couldn't open it and sore to chew. (I lost a stone though ;) )

Then the pain started. About 10 weeks total then it disappeared for a couple months.

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housemdwaswrong Mon 18-Nov-19 14:20:55

@bluerussian I'll try. We don't get to choose hospital or consultant in Wales, so it's a case of taking what you are given or paying. I paid initially, but can't afford it again at the minute. We'll see what Wednesday gives, if I haven't chopped my ears off by then!

I'm so glad you think it's going to work. I have considered that but I'd muscle is scarred it's not going to relax much. I'll see and update Wednesday.

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curlyfries Mon 18-Nov-19 15:11:58

Yes @housemdwaswrong, the TMJ diet works! Good luck on Wednesday.

housemdwaswrong Sat 23-Nov-19 09:18:56

@curlyfries thank you. Funnily enough after a decent few months it's been really bad this week, so symptomatic on Wednesday. Nurse was fab, booked me in clinic on Monday to see geezer smile

How you doing? Xxx

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Mummyof2dc Fri 01-May-20 17:12:21

I’ve suffered with this for over a year now. The pain is unbearable sometimes. I saw a maxi facial surgeon had X-ray done etc , and diagnosed me with TMD sprain of the jaw joint. I was put on amitryline which I’m still taking now. (50mg). Takes the edge off abit. I asked for Botox as iv heard it’s been a massive help to some people but he wouldn’t give it me as he didn’t think I was in the right category for it as I can open my mouth wide and don’t suffer much with migraines from it (which i recently have been especially sinus). Some days are good but then I can have a flare up which won’t go away for few days. However I do feel as hot baths help or anything warm. Also I noticed it hurts 10x more if I’m in a stressed situation. I feel like it’s never going go even though he said it won’t be forever😩

boppit23 Sun 13-Dec-20 15:51:03

Did you get pains in the side of your head and did your face feel like you’ve been punched. I clench my teeth and night and noticed that in a morning one side of my face and head just feels dreadful.. I don’t really get headaches but i have pain in my ear too one side. I remember my face feeling like this on the right side last week and now it’s
Moved to the left im sure it’s TMJ. I do need to go
To the doctors and get
Some advice

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