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What should I look for in an optician? Pun intended.

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snowplop Sun 17-Nov-19 09:59:59

How can I choose a new optician? I have seen the same person for over 15 years but he has retired. I saw a local optician recently but he was quite different. He asked me if my prescription was ok and when I replied with "Yes, I suppose so." he said "Good. We'll leave it like that then. That'll save me a lot of work." He didn't ask me to remove my lenses for the check either. Is that usual?

DF has wet macular degeneration. I had an operation to correct a lazy eye as a child. I'm a lens wearer.

Can anyone advise me on how to choose a new optician? Is there a professional body? Do opticians have to keep training? Any experiences of the big chains? Costco? Vision Express? Thank you.

Oh, I'm in Leicester.

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underneaththeash Sun 17-Nov-19 16:08:58

Yes, all opticians have to be registered our professional body is called the General Optical Council (GOC). It's not possible to practice as an optometrist/optician without being registered with them. We have to keep up to date with regular CPD (although we actually call it CPD) and some of us have extra qualifications.

We also have people who are members of the Royal College of Optometrists, who have codes of conduct that you must adhere too.

Your last optometrist should have asked you to remove your lenses for the check. I would find someone else, he doesn't sound quite a thorough as he could have been.

Sometimes local independent opticians are amazing, sometimes not. Some of the Specsavers out there win industry awards - most are quite conveyor belt like though. I've worked at good Vision Expresses and Boots before. I would check out a local independent first, see if you like them and then go from there.

The nearest person I know to you to recommend, is David Austen Optometrists, but they're in Loughborough.

underneaththeash Sun 17-Nov-19 16:10:29

Apologies I've put the wrong terms in above. The GOC is our regulatory body and the College of Optometrists our professional body.

snowplop Sun 17-Nov-19 22:19:08

Thanks so much underneaththeash for your reply. Loughborough is not too far so I may check out your recommendation. Wherever I go I'll bear your advice in mind.

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