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Tooth grinder *with photo*

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headlongautumn Sun 17-Nov-19 08:53:19

Apparently I am a tooth grinder.

I went to my doctor on Friday to talk over a few symptoms which have been bothering me. I told her that I had tests and biopsies last year on my neck due to "masses" and swollen lymph nodes. They came back as non cancerous but I was told to monitor them and go to doctor if any changes or developments. They have changed so wanted to get checked out.

I ran through this list with her -

Neck lumps larger and now tenderness in arm pits with lumps growing there too
Recurrent infection in belly button
Pains in my ears and up side of face
Tiredness and general nausea
Low blood pressure and fainting
Pain in lower abdomen / back
Very painful shoulder which I can't fully move

She looked at me and said I was a tooth grinder at night and everything I described was due to this. Even belly button infections.

I asked how she could tell this was the root cause just by looking at me with no examination? She said she could just tell and all my symptoms were done to this. My dentist has never identified any problem but the GP said that unless you ask your dentist if tooth grinding is an issue, they will never look for it or tell you.

I asked what to do as I was in alot of pain with my shoulder and finding it hard to drive, dress etc.
She told me to buy a mouth guard and take a weekend city break somewhere nice like Paris.

I am confused, baffled and a bit disappointed but maybe everything I described to her is down to this and she can just tell by looking? What do you think??

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justcantthink Sun 17-Nov-19 09:20:28

I think your doctor is bonkers!

Surely tooth grinding can't cause all of this?? Especially a belly button infection.

I would be getting a second opinion.

headlongautumn Sun 17-Nov-19 09:49:17

I am totally confused!

I am making another appointment with another doctor but it can take up to 3 weeks to get one.

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HuaShan Sun 17-Nov-19 09:49:49

If you are a serious tooth grinder then your dentist will definately notice - I am a terrible grinder and my dentist can tell how stressed I am by the marks on the inside of my mouth. I have also fractured several teeth. I now wer a nightguard which has helped slow doen the damage.

The main symptoms I have from tooth grinding are ear and jaw pain, tooth pain (from bruising the roots). None of you other symptoms have anything remotely to do with tooth grinsing so I think you need to fins another GP. Good luck. op, sounds miserable.

headlongautumn Sun 17-Nov-19 10:05:20

I was laughing in a baffled way at one stage when I asked if she was really suggesting my neck lumps were due to this, given the tests etc I had last year. She said yes, they were. I asked just how could this supposed teeth grinding lead to belly button infections. Apparently it was a line of nerve endings? Now this might be true but I am not convinced.
She said she could tell just by looking at me.

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Afternooninthepark Sun 17-Nov-19 11:27:42

I would see another gp. I’ve been a tooth grinder for many, many years. My dentist identified this years ago because I am wearing my teeth down. I get achy, sore jaws, headaches and have TMJ disorder due to the bruxism but that’s all, it can’t cause an infection in your belly button, that’s an insane conclusion!

BlueCornsihPixie Sun 17-Nov-19 12:17:48

Absolute bs OP.

It's possible you are a tooth grinder, and certainly headaches and earache can be caused by tooth grinding, your dentist probably would point it out if you ground your teeth however if it's clenching it's less noticeable on your teeth and would be picked up on symptoms

But it's not going to cause belly button infections ffs! It could also cause tenderness down your neck, and potentially salivary gland swelling. But not lumps in your neck, pain in your abdomen? I think your GP needs to review their anatomy, how exactly are they explaining grinding causing belly button infections

BlueCornsihPixie Sun 17-Nov-19 12:20:23

Grinding is nothing to do with infection or nerves. There is no nerve connecting your jaw muscles and your belly button

PickwickThePlockingDodo Sun 17-Nov-19 12:31:28

shock Is she even a real doctor?

Ash39 Sun 17-Nov-19 12:46:48

That's bonkers. And even if you were a tooth grinder, you've been given the wrong advice.
Go see your dentist. They can look for signs and symptoms such as patterns on the inside of your cheek, a particular wear pattern on your teeth, TMJ symptoms such as muscular pain or jaw clicking.
Also don't just go and buy a night guard. Generally over the counter ones aren't great. Your dentist will advise and IF you are a grinder they can take impressions, provide you with a custom made guard suitable to your requirements

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