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DS has pimply spots on lower body & balanitis any ideas what's wrong?

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crimplene Sun 19-Aug-07 21:34:12

DS (14 mo) has a pimply rash that was initially only in the nappy area - he's then developed balanitis (pus oozing out from his foreskin; sorry if tmi). Took him to the doc this morning who wasn't very helpful but thought it was mild nappy rash and gave us oral antibiotics and steroid/ antifungal cream. The spots have spread down his legs and don't seem any better - they're red and raised with paler rings around, but fade with a glass pressed against them. None on his upper body. He's off food and only happy after Calpol.

Have temporarily switched to disposable nappies in case the reuables are making it worse by leaving him wetter agaist the skin. Have given him lots of warm baths and kept the nappy off as much as possible.

The balanitis seems to be getting better slowly, but the spots worse. Any ideas?

crimplene Mon 20-Aug-07 10:52:12

The spots are looking worse again, penis still sore and he's now got yellow, stinking diarrhoea too - I could really do with some ideas, but will cancel hol tomorrow and take back to useless doc (who's best suggestion was that if it recurred he should be circumcised) if not better later.

corblimeymadam Mon 20-Aug-07 12:12:16

Message withdrawn

crimplene Mon 20-Aug-07 13:17:33

Thanks Begianbun - my Mum said the same about the antibiotics causing the diarrhoea and I've Googled fungal infections and I think you're right - the spots are on his feet and bum quite a lot and less on his legs so that would make sense. I suppose the antibiotics are probably only making things worse, but we'd better keep going for now in case it really is bacterial. I've got an appt for Weds with a nicer doc and will try to get some oral antifungals. DS is being very brave.

I am now very glad we went for a wooden floor in the living room as the pools of yellow poo can be hard to spot against the background, but aren't too bad to clear up. Will now boil wash everything in sight and have put the heating on to get rid of the damp round here.

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