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Antibiotic Use

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Spacecadet43 Thu 14-Nov-19 22:13:41

Quick poll really to ask how many courses of antibiotics you’ve had in the last year? I’ve had a really bad run this year and had 5 - 2 were short courses connected to a tooth extraction and then I’ve had 2 chest infections this year and now a nasty throat infection. I’ve not needed any in the 2 or 3 years prior to this year but I’m a bit concerned! hmm

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madeyemoodysmum Thu 14-Nov-19 22:16:52


OhMyDarling Thu 14-Nov-19 22:19:16

1 for the first time in about 5 years though.
My doc is known for being very strict on prescriptions!

KellyHall Thu 14-Nov-19 22:20:26

I had two lots for the same, 5 month long chest infection. It turned out I had the flu virus in my lungs confused

NaToth Thu 14-Nov-19 22:21:43

I've gone ten years now. Just avoided antibiotics for a chest infection that got better on its own after three weeks. Onwards!

delilahbucket Thu 14-Nov-19 22:23:08

0. Not had antibiotics since I had my tonsils out and got an infection. That was in 2007.

Normandy144 Thu 14-Nov-19 22:23:30

None. I think I've had antibiotics maybe twice in my life, both for abscesses.

Abraid2 Thu 14-Nov-19 22:24:40

None for 21 years.

AwdBovril Thu 14-Nov-19 22:33:09

None in the past year. I've had quite a few over my lifetime though. For asthma (chest infections), acne, abcess, tonsillitis, septicaemia from misaligned wisdom teeth (twice). I hate taking them as I'm allergic to penicillin & the next cheapest/suitable option makes me feel hideously sick.

DramaAlpaca Thu 14-Nov-19 22:43:54

As a child I'm sure I had loads of antibiotics. We all did back then in the 60s & 70s. As an adult I've probably had them a couple of times, I'm in my 50s. I can't remember the last time I had them or what for.

My DC are in their 20s. DS1 has has them a few times, for ear infections as a child & recently as an adult for tonsillitis. DS2 has had them once in his life, as a nine year old with a nasty ear infection. DS3 maybe twice in childhood, again for ear infections, but never since.

Ginfordinner Thu 14-Nov-19 22:45:54

None. I last had antibiotics 5 years ago for an abscess.

NotAClue101 Thu 14-Nov-19 22:47:18

I've had 6 antibiotics this year, but classes as two courses I guess....I was given two types post delivery of baby due to severe tear as precaution and then ended up in hospital two weeks later with sepsis...has three types of IV and send home on a different tablet form

OhMyDarling Thu 14-Nov-19 22:51:18

Gosh, as a child I’d say at least once a year but we (sibling) used to get terrible sudden onset ear infections alllllll the time!!
And as a teenager loads of tonsillitis. They should have just removed them.

Spacecadet43 Thu 14-Nov-19 22:59:23

Thanks all, it’s very interesting. I have had more than my fair share I would say but have underlying autoimmune disease which has almost certainly affected the strength of my immune system! Plus I have 4 children, one of which is in reception so they are constantly bringing in viruses!! I guess I need to get back on probiotic diet. This year has been miserable health wise!

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megletthesecond Thu 14-Nov-19 23:03:36

I last had them 2 years ago after a bowel op.
Before that it was a chest infection in 2010.

DCIRozHuntley Thu 14-Nov-19 23:03:51

I've not had any for about 8 years when I had some for a urinary tract infection. I had them once or twice as a child in the 1990s, too.

My kids have never had them apart from the 3 years old who cost the NHS a fortune with IV antibiotics for neonatal meningitis. DH has had them once in his life, about 12 years ago.

Wolfiefan Thu 14-Nov-19 23:04:53

Immunosuppressed too.

Casmama Thu 14-Nov-19 23:11:24

I think the last time was about twenty years ago, my 10 year old has had them once for a chest infection and my 5 year old has never had them - nor has my husband in the 15 years we've been together.
My sister in law seems to have them at least once a year - i don't believe this is due to her being in much poorer health!
Antibiotic resistance is a major issue and i would only have an antibiotic or let my children have one if i felt it was essential.

HundredMilesAnHour Thu 14-Nov-19 23:16:30

Nothing in the past year. Last time was 2 years ago when I caught a nasty chest infection from the woman who sat next to me at work. She was always ill with something (she had 3 young kids) and she always gave it to me. I hated her (for this plus some major work reasons such as her lying, cheating on her expenses, not doing her job etc). I was so happy to leave that job and never have to see her - or sit next to her - again. I haven't needed antibiotics since then. Quelle bloody surprise.

SummerLove2306 Thu 14-Nov-19 23:35:42

One, for the first time in about 11 years. For tonsillitis.

Ginfordinner Fri 15-Nov-19 06:17:35

Casmama some people are luckier and healthier than others. DD has been suffering from a horrific ear infection that has needed two lots of antibiotics to clear it up.

You come across as a little smug and superior TBH hmm

fromthefloorboardsup Fri 15-Nov-19 06:24:19

Once for an STI. I can't remember when I had them before that, probably a good 10-20 years ago.

ClientListQueen Fri 15-Nov-19 06:24:25

@Casmama you are lucky to be healthy to have the choice- I have had over 50 courses that I can remember. I have barely any immune system so I can't choose whether to have them or not, if I don't take them I'm likely to get sepsis

Casmama Fri 15-Nov-19 07:18:26

@Ginfordinner and @ClientListQueen my intention wasn't to be smug and I know that some people absolutely need antibiotics. My family and I are lucky to not have needed an antibiotic.

The problem is that antibiotic resistance is driven by using antibiotics and many people take them when they don't really need them.
If we could limit use to only those people who really need them then we might be able to slow the development of resistance.
(I know this is a judgment call and I am not suggesting for a second that either if you didn't need the antibiotics you were prescribed)

It is a fact that antibiotics are overused and the example I gave of my sister in law is someone who will go to the GP after a couple of days of a heavy cold looking for
an antibiotic when she doesn't need one.

Countries like Greece where you can buy an antibiotic without a prescription have big problems with antibiotic resistance

Ginfordinner Fri 15-Nov-19 07:24:57

Given that antibiotics are prescribed by doctors isn't it up to them to make the judgement whether to prescribe them or not? Our GP doesn't hand them out like Smarties.

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