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Tooth extraction possible dry socket

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Pinkstar28 Thu 14-Nov-19 22:11:23

So I recently had a tooth removed & that evening once the anaesthetic had worn off I had some soup as advised by the dentist. I could see the soup inside the hole but being liquid it was impossible to remove.

The following day I started the salt water rinses but this didn’t make a difference to the soup left behind. I’ve since got food stuck in which I have been able to remove but the soup still seems to be there. I see no red clot like i did after initially having the tooth removed. It’s just yellow in colour.

Day 6 & I’m in a bit of pain, I didn’t really have any to start with after the first night. I’ve spoken to two dentists who tell me to keep rinsing to remove food & that it’s normal for the site to appear white or yellow in colour. However they don’t seem to be taking into account the appearance significantly changed immediately after eating the soup which I can’t remove & was as early as the first day. I’m concerned this food is going to cause some kind of infection the longer it’s there.

Is it normal to have pain a week on? I’m concerned the appearance changed immediately after eating rather than gradually turning colour over a matter of days. Anyone else had issues similar?

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