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Rotovirus Vaccine

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andyrad Thu 14-Nov-19 13:49:48

Hi there, ive recently joined as I need some help or advice. I am a male so I do hope that's ok to post!
Our little boy (Harry) who was born on 6th June had his first round of vaccinations approx. 5 weeks ago (which included the Rotovirus vaccine) and ever since has had diarrhea. we have been to the doctors 2 or 3 times now with samples and he has been diagnosed as having Rotovirus in his system but they keep telling us it will clear up eventually, how long should it take?? and that theres nothing they can give him to help as antibiotics don't work
has anyone had the same and what can we do?
the problem is he is soon due his second round of vaccines which they wont do if he is still unwell and when we asked what happens the doctor said they will have to check on that and get advice!! I just don't feel confident in what they are telling us.

if anyone has any suggestions on what to do please help as we feel helpless and want to make him better

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MummaGiles Thu 14-Nov-19 13:53:21

Can I ask why his first round of vaccinations were late (assuming you are in UK)? My DS was born around a month after yours and has just had his third set.

andyrad Thu 14-Nov-19 13:57:35

Yeah he was struggling with digestion and had a cold so they deffered the first round of vaccines back then. He is on cow and gate comfort milk now (under doctors orders) which seems to suit him better

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MummaGiles Thu 14-Nov-19 14:11:14

If he has roto virus in his system still I can’t imagine they would want to do the second round of imms just yet as it includes another dose of roto virus. Are you sure the diarrea isn’t down to his digestion issues? Could it be worth (another) change in milk?

andyrad Thu 14-Nov-19 14:38:06

We tried him on Cow and gate 1 milk for a while, maybe a week but it didn't make much difference. we have supplied 2 samples of his erm... mess. and they are saying he's still got it in his system so not sure what to do next.

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