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Is there a virus going around?

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Bruno1959 Thu 14-Nov-19 13:03:53

Feeling really tired with a headache and also feeling nauseous - just wondered if there is a virus going around at the moment?

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CameraTime Thu 14-Nov-19 13:05:13

I've heard a few people saying they just weren't feeling "right" and were tired and had a bit of a sore head. Haven't heard anyone mention nausea, though.

thenightsky Thu 14-Nov-19 13:07:00

I've been like that since the weekend. Was violently sick on Sunday and been nauseous ever since. I've also woken with a headache every morning this week so far.

Bol87 Thu 14-Nov-19 17:00:58

It’s autumn/winter, there’s always viruses going around! And one sickness bug in Hampshire isn’t going to be the same as a sickness bug in Newcastle etc etc.

Have a gander at those you socialise/work with, if they’ve had anything then chances are..

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