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Is this likely to be infection or have I punctured my bladder?

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Sammyp235 Wed 13-Nov-19 21:26:25

I’ve never had a water infection before so not sure if this is one? The last couple of days I’ve had the sensation that I need to wee constantly. It does hurt like peeing razor blades but once I’ve finished it feels dull, achey and heavy.

I had my merina coil removed about 3 weeks ago then last week I had a very very heavy period. (First one since removal). Once it calmed down I tried to insert a tampon but it was dry (sorry tmi) so I pushing it up and it was SS if it was pressing on something. I shoved it up anyway and now I’m thinking have I damaged my bladder or punctured it?

Just seems a bit of a coincidence that I’ve now I’ve got a constant desire to wee....

Any advice please? Xx

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Sammyp235 Wed 13-Nov-19 21:27:10

I meant it DOESN’T hurt like peeing razor blades!

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PixieDustt Wed 13-Nov-19 21:28:16

Go and get by your GP.
Don't have much advice but when I have had a UTI it felt like I constantly needed to wee and was stingy down there and had vile smelling wee

endofthelinefinally Wed 13-Nov-19 21:28:19

I had exactly this after having my coil removed. Take a urine sample to your practice nurse. If it is a uti you need treatment asap.

PixieDustt Wed 13-Nov-19 21:28:45


firsttimemum30 Wed 13-Nov-19 21:47:36

Unless you tried to shove the tampon up your urethra rather than your vagina, no you haven't punctured your bladder grin but do go to your gp to check for infection. UTI's are horrible.

Sammyp235 Wed 13-Nov-19 22:24:34


😂 I feel better now you’ve told me that. I did winded if I’d damaged it 🤔 x

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Sammyp235 Wed 13-Nov-19 22:24:57


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Imnotaslimjim Wed 13-Nov-19 22:56:59

My urine and bladder infections never give me the peeing over razor blade feeling, just a constant dull ache, a bit of a temp and foul smelling urine. If you pop a sample in to your GP they can dip it and describe antibiotics if you need them without needing an appointment

endofthelinefinally Wed 13-Nov-19 23:09:29

Also, google cervicitis. Can be a complication of coil insertion or removal.

TigerJoy Wed 13-Nov-19 23:13:22

You won't have done anything dramatically bad with the tampon and certainly not punctured your bladder

I've had loads of UTIs and bad ones can feel like total agony. Do a sample first thing in the morning and take it to your gp for a test - some offer uti screening without an appt and my local boots offers this too

In the meantime drink LOADS of water, a tsp bicarb in water every few hours (makes wee less acidic), hot water bottle for the cramps. Having a very strong sweet coffee can help unclench your bladder (one for the morning!). Take paracetamol throughout the day following the instructions on the packet - it becomes more effective if you keep taking it regularly. High dose vit c can help your body get rid of the infection but it can also give you the trots so one to use with caution

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