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Insomnia, could it be certain foods?

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nellyitsmeagain Wed 13-Nov-19 12:01:21

After my second bout of insomnia this week I'm looking for reasons - I know if I'm stressed about something it will affect my sleep - but I'm not really that stressed. My brain seems to whir and I can't seem to relax and I start thinking gloomy thoughts and worrying about everything and anything

It seems to be connected to what I eat and I wonder if this happens to anybody else. I've been keeping a record to try and find out the triggers to then avoid - it seems to be highly flavoured or processed food, I avoid takeaways especially Chinese for this reason. Sunday night I had shop bought steak and kidney pie for dinner and I couldn't sleep, where usually I drop off as I'm reading in bed. Last night I was the same and I'd had shop bought bread and soup for lunch and chicken stir fry for dinner, and again I couldn't sleep. Does anyone have this?

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loveyoutothemoon Wed 13-Nov-19 12:31:00

It depends on the time of your meal and time of bed.
I'm very lucky to be a fab sleeper but I know I can't sleep if I eat too late. I eat my tea 5.00-5.30.

thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 13-Nov-19 12:38:03

I gave up dairy and one of the things I noticed (this wasn't the reason I gave it up) was that my sleep improved- not necessarily getting to sleep more easily but once I was asleep I would dip into deep sleep several times a night rather than just once ( so better sleep quality)

This is according to fitbit, so not an exact science of course but, in 18 months I had never had more than one dip into deep sleep and it would sometimes be only 2/3 minutes a night. I now get multiple dips and sometimes over an hour a night

Conversely, I do find if I eat a very low carb diet I find it very difficult to fall asleep, as if my metabolism is ramped up.

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