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Cheer me up. Anyone else got this virus?

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DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 15:18:01

Starts with lethargy.

Moves on to constant aching and twinges in the joints.

Also periods where you can't get warm or are too hot although there is no temperature involved.

Also have a mainly dry, irritating cough but that is not the main symptom.

I started this last Tuesday when on holiday and really resent being ill a) on holiday and b) in the summer.

The good news was that dh was around to keep the family going, but he is back to work tomorrow and anyway, has just announced he feels really lethargic.... Which is where we started. I don't feel strong enough yet to deal with the children and certainly not single-handed while dh gets through this illness.

Has anyone else had it? I can't imagine where I picked this up as it started when we were at the coast. Isn't sea air meant to be healthy?!

DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:01:13


Is this the most boring thread ever or are you all also too ill to post?

DemobCod Sun 19-Aug-07 19:01:44


DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:06:11

Yes you've got it/had it or yes sea air is supposed to be healthy?

DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:06:37

Or yes this is a boring thread?

Hell, someone speak to me! I am suffering here.

Dabbles Sun 19-Aug-07 19:12:57

big hug and some sympathy for DumbledoresGirl!

there is a nasty cough gong round, dunno about the rest of symptoms.maybe go to gp?

sea air? yes breathing in sewerage is really

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Sun 19-Aug-07 19:14:14

Had all of that, and it took a week to shift.

Huge sympathy.

DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:16:47

No sewerage where I went!

Thanks for the warning LGJ, it has already been 6 days so maybe I am nearly through it? I don't like being on paracetamol and ibuprofen for so long but I can't manage without them at the moment.

CountessDracula Sun 19-Aug-07 19:20:58

ooh I wonder if I have this
I thought it was my kidney infection but am not usually freezing all the time with that. I have been shivering in a fleece and jeans for days....

littlerach Sun 19-Aug-07 19:23:11

Sounds similar to dd1.
Funnily enough, hers staterd the day after we fot back form Bournemouth beach....
She's had her cough for 3 weeks. And has been happy to lie around reading lots of the time, rather than leaping around.

DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:23:19

No I think that is just an indication of the weather we are having CD!

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Sun 19-Aug-07 19:24:20

I thought I was starting the menopause, I spent every night for a week, breaking huge sweats. Every day being colder than cold. And loading the dishwasher merited another sweat.

And my voice went so badly that twice people said sorry wrong number and hung up. They thought I was a guy....

elastamum Sun 19-Aug-07 19:25:34

Poor you, I picked this up on the South Coast 3 weels ago, took it to florida and back, still dont feel quite right

DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:25:43

Ds3 has had a cough for about 4 weeks now, but he has been fine throughout so I don't think what I have can have been caught from him. Since I got ill, ds2 has developed a cough too but is OK. I wonder why I am always the one to get the aching and the lethargy, and why in summer at all? I have to admit to being pretty cross about it.

DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:26:47

Now that does sound like me LGJ. But did you have a temperature? Every time I took mine, it was normal or below normal but only by a degree or two. Really odd.

saltire Sun 19-Aug-07 19:27:56

DG - Ia m going to email you in the next couple of days. DS2 has some more Dr Who stickers that he already has copies of. I can't find the thread where you said which ones you needed, so I will email you the numbers and you can let me know.

Ok, so sorry to hear you are ill, and hope it gets better.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Sun 19-Aug-07 19:27:58

No DG, my temperature was spot on.

It started as a dry cough, and once it became productive (TMI) the virus passed.

DumbledoresGirl Sun 19-Aug-07 19:32:51

Brilliant Saltire! I am....ahem....ds1 is so close to only needing the last 30 which we can send off for.

The cough is really the least of the symptoms but it is already a bit productive. Tomorrow, believe it or not, is the first day of the holidays I am going to be at home alone with the children. I really could do with feeling better than this.

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