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Food poisoning or virus?

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Doublethecuddles Tue 12-Nov-19 09:17:47

On Sunday I started getting cramps in my stomach and ate very little. On Sunday evening I was shivering and very cold and started to have diarrhoea. On Monday I felt awful and carried on having diarrhoea all day, ate nothing and only drank flat lemonade in very small sips. Monday night slept reasonably well but woke up freezing and diarrhoea is carrying on.
Does anybody know how you can tell if it is food poisoning or a virus?
I haven’t felt as ill as this in a long time

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Pascha Tue 12-Nov-19 09:21:29

Shivering suggests a fever which means its likely viral. We all had similar the weekend before last. Poor DS1 was vomiting into a coffee cup halfway down the M1 at one point sad 😷.

It does get better though. After a couple of days for us.

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