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My 12 month old has terrible cough & cold - any tips or advice?

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janjas Sun 19-Aug-07 10:53:43

My poor little one has a terrible cough and cold. Her nose is running constantly, she must have a sore throat because she sounds croaky and coughs continuously when lying down. We are now on our 3rd sleepless night and as much as I feel so sorry for her, we are all desparate for some sleep! I've tried raising her mattress slightly, and also some Karpol on a hanky tied to her cot. Help!

joesmama Wed 22-Aug-07 19:24:24

Hi janjas!

Sorry you haven't had any responses sooner - have only just seen your message. Hoping your LO is better now, but my DS gets similar colds and we find Tixylix quite good. There's one specifically for coughs and colds which helps dry up the nose too. We also rub some vic on his chest. Someone mentioned to me that putting a bowl of water in the room is good too although haven't tried that one yet.

CoteDAzur Wed 22-Aug-07 19:49:51

Get some water vapor going in her room. There are machines that do this. Good luck!

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