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Bottom Tooth

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Futuremrs Sun 10-Nov-19 22:44:41

I last went to the dentist about 8 months ago, he told me i had gum disease and I should see the hygienist but really needed to up my dental hygiene.

Ever since then I have brushed twice a day religiously, use the little interdental brushes every night and use mouthwash daily. I never saw the hygienist, no real reason just never got round to it.

Last week I noticed my bottom tooth was loose, not massively but noticeably. I’ve bought corsodyl and am keeping up with my routine and have a dentist appt on Tuesday. I am petrified. Not about going to the dentist that doesn’t bother me, I’m so scared he’s going to say I’m going to lose my tooth.

Has anyone else had this, can they reassure me?

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HuaShan Mon 11-Nov-19 07:57:44

I think you really need to see the hygenist. I have looked after my teeth religiously for years, attended hygenist but was still diagnosed with some gum disease after x rays showed I was loosing bone (thankfully mostly minor except around a few teeth). I had to see a periodontist for a deep clean and he said he could not stress enoough the importance of regular hygenist appointments to keep things under control - gum disease is chronic I'm afraid.

The good news is that the 'pocketing' that can loosen teeth improves after a deep clean allowing the gums to tighten around affected teeth.

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