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crossroads1 Sun 10-Nov-19 15:00:25

Hi, I recently had a FIT test where I had to give a stool sample as I was having irregular bowel motions. The FIT test has come back as normal which indicates I have blood in my stool and a worried it could be colon/bowel cancer. I am 31 and cases are meant to be rare in younger ppl but we all know it can happen. Has anyone had an abnormal FIT test where they tested positive for blood and if so what was the outcome?

I have bee referred to a gastro but this may take months.

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crossroads1 Sun 10-Nov-19 15:01:04

Sorry I meant the FIT test has come back as abnormal.

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flatshoes Sun 10-Nov-19 15:32:14

I had some symptoms resulting in a FIT test which was positive, didn't expect it. Referred to consultant then another appointment for a colonoscopy where one polyp found and removed. I am older, it was done under 2 week rule although results took several weeks, they do give some findings on a form straight after the procedure. It was something that could have turned nasty so am very glad I went and am now discharged.
The procedure itself was under sedation which was the right choice for me, only hurt for two brief moments and I had been very anxious.
I did ring the appointments line to try and speed things up and took a cancellation even though had to travel further.
I wish you all the best OP and think I would check if you can be seen sooner as it is such a worry.

crossroads1 Sun 10-Nov-19 16:23:32

Hi flatshoes. it is worrying to have an abnormal FIT test result. My GP has said bleeding can be from a number of things but it is making me anxious. They think it could also be IBD or IBS but the FIT test result has really scared me.

Why were you under 2 week rule? is it due to your age? I have been referred to a gastro (currently awaiting the letter). was the polyp in your intenstines?

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flatshoes Sun 10-Nov-19 17:10:33

It is a worrying time waiting for tests and results. I saw a new gp and felt he really listened to me, he said similar to yours. My age may have played a part, not sure but it shouldn't be the case I feel. The polyp was in the colon and they took other samples, it didn't hurt.
Once I was there the anxiety subsided as the nurses were so kind, its the waiting and everyone was feeling that. If you have a similar test and need to do the drink clear out prep then its really ok.
I hope you can be seen soon, at least the process has started.

justcantthink Sun 08-Dec-19 09:59:52

Hi Crossroads, how have you got on with your appointment? I'm a similar case to you and have been referred on the 18th. The anxiety and not knowing is horrendous and I'm forever checking my poo for blood. They found some microscopic blood with so hardly anything but still been referred x

crossroads1 Tue 10-Dec-19 00:50:59

Hi, so since then I did a calprotectin test which showed I have inflammation. I also did a CEA tumour marker test for colon cancer which was negative (thank god) and I also saw a gastro who was very reassuring and believes it could even be ibs. My dad passed away from cancer less than 6 months ago so although I thought I was ok, internally I have been very stressed, I have been consuming alcohol a lot more too which all can contribute to inflammation. I have been referred for a colonscopy but this can take up to 3 months. I haven't had the irregular bowel movements for a while but a word of wisdom - please do not eat too much beetroot. I read it was good for inflammation and ate a bunch of it one day. The next day I nearly fainted after looking at my poo thinking it was filled with blood but learnt after beetroot can stain your poo! I'm not too worried anymore and have taken the approach to wait and see rather than stress myself out over potentially nothing.

What other symptoms have you had and what other tests have you done? My fit test was 15mg. Worrying definitely makes it worse but of course it is hard to control the anxiety. Blood in poo can mean a lot of diff things but I am here if you need to talk smile xx

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supermariio Tue 10-Dec-19 12:37:32

Thank you for replying, I really do appreciate it. I'm very sorry for your loss thanks

This horrible nightmare I'm in started around October when I was having tummy upset, feeling sick but not being sick, stomach ache, headache, fever and chills so I put it down to a virus. I got over this but it came back even though no one else seemed to have it. I went to the doctors and he confirmed a stomach virus and gave me anti sickness tablets. Along with these I was taking ibruprofen daily for about a week which I've learnt can cause ulcers. So I've been ok then back end of November I had a day of feeling strange again, sickness, weak so the following g day I went my doctors. He sent me for lots of blood tests, some I don't know what they was for but everything came back fine. I did a FIT test and another stool test but I only did one of the FIT test as I was on a heavy period so though I'd leave the other one for few days later. The first one came back and my doctor rang to say there was a microscopic amount of blood in the stool so just to be on safe side will refer me. Since that day my stomach has been awful and I'm sure it's anxiety, I've been in terrible pain but when I pass wind it eases. My stools are normal colour and I've never seen blood.

I'm not sure if I'm just anxious or what but I've got a continuous feeling of my sides gnawing away. I've been examined by doctor and he thinks it's another virus. I'll know better when I go next Wednesday but I'm so anxious it's making me ill. I've googled lots and scared myself to death.

What happens at the appointment, are you sent for a scan or anything on that day?

supermariio Tue 10-Dec-19 12:49:40

I'll just add that the pain doesn't go every time I pass wind, I'm not saying it's trapped wind but it's though sometimes I have a stitch in my side. The other feeling I have is as though I have a constant nervous stomach as though something bad has happened or about to happen and my tummy is in knots.

Renata81 Mon 18-May-20 07:52:34

Supermario would you please share your journey and outcome as I am going through exactly the same story. Just waiting for my appointments. My FIT result came back as 11.6

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