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Cazzette to cause cysts?

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vegielover Sun 10-Nov-19 00:56:51

I am Cazzette for 3 years now and only till this year it got me to connect the mini pill and the cysts. It causes me long period for two to three weeks every 2-2.5 months, which is annoying but I have found my way to agree it with my body. However from this year, I have found there are multiple cysts in my both breasts. I have had two aspirations already. Even though my GP told me not to worry and it is quite common for women at my age (going to be 40 soon), I still feel annoyed. And last month, I found this lump on my neck, around the thyroid area. I have scheduled another appointment to see my GP tomorrow and fingers acrossed. I also start having this pelvis ache about one month ago when my 'period' came. I now start wonder do all these relate to the mini pill I am taking. I never had any of these before the pill. I have read some research articles online (that I probably should stop reading online to get more nervous) about the birth control pill and thyroid... Am I the only one get these with the pill maybe?

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