Testicular Cancer

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Pawlika Sat 09-Nov-19 17:00:49

I've searched through old threads and see a number of people have unfortunately been affected by testicular cancer so hoping someone would share their experiences please?
OH has recently had ongoing discomfort in one testicle, swelling, abdominal pain and back pain. Initially GP suggested infection and gave antibiotics, however these had no effect and meanwhile the affected testicle now feels solid. Back to GP yesterday who referred for ultrasound and letter arrived this morning with appt for 4 days time.
My questions are; has anyone known of these symptoms come to nothing? Most of the symptoms it seems could point to something else but one testicle being so solid seems to point towards cancer in every search.
If it does look like cancer in the ultra sound, whats been peoples experience of what happens next and the time frame of action being taken?


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LarkDescending Sat 09-Nov-19 17:23:06

This happened to a close friend of mine a few years ago (he was in his 30s then).

He had surgery very quickly, and the affected testicle was removed and replaced with a size-matched implant. So far as I know he hasn’t had any trouble since.

Alsioma Sun 10-Nov-19 01:38:36

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TanginaBarrons Sun 15-Dec-19 08:25:37

@pawlika I hope your dh is ok? Can you let me know what happened next? Going through exactly the same with dh - doctor seemed alarmed by the location and feel of his lump and he's waiting for an urgent ultrasound.

I'm trying to reassure myself about how treatable it is (and he's 52 so not really in the right demographic) but with Christmas I'm worried that everything will be really delayed.

6demandingchildren Mon 16-Dec-19 15:34:57

my husband has TC and after the bultasound the report goes back to the consultant who will then arrange an oncology appointment, they will decide on the next level of treatment, in my husbands case he had a same day operation to remove the testicle and all tubes connecting it, he has a csection type scar, then he had a high dose chemo.
this was over 13 years ago and he is 100% fine now

lilgreen Mon 16-Dec-19 15:38:19

A bf of mine had this aged 19. He had a lump only, no other symptoms.They removed the testicle through a scar in his lower abdomen and popped in a silicone implant. He didn’t need any further treatment. That was 30 years ago.

DowntonCrabby Mon 16-Dec-19 15:41:56

Both men I know diagnosed in their 30’s are fit and healthy following treatment, 8 and 20 years later.

flowers for those going through the waiting game to see what’s going on.

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