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Aching swollen joints (nice). Any ideas what's suddenly causing it?

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nightowl Sat 18-Aug-07 19:04:31

my neck has always ached on and off, my back started too when i had dd 31/2 years ago. bought a lovely new mattress a couple of months ago which seemed to be a great help.

the last couple of weeks though ive been getting pains bad enough to wake me in the night. first it started in my arms, say from elbow to wrist, then it swapped to my legs, from knee to ankle. on and off, a couple of days each limb! the other day when it started in my legs i had done a three mile walk but that's all and ive done it plenty of times before. now i have it in my arm...was up to my shoulder last night and i woke up at 6am, hand swollen...all i did was mow the lawns. its not just a dull ache, its extremely painful. any ideas what it could be? been going on for weeks now, just swapping to different places, seems any little thing i do sets it off.

loopylou6 Sat 18-Aug-07 19:21:02

sounds like arthritus (sp?)

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