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Tampons after childbirth - have I lost something?

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letsnot Sat 18-Aug-07 16:51:58

Quite embarassing but am going to have to ask - have just come on with third period after dd1 and am having problems with tampons!! Birth was normal and period is too - have tried different sizes etc, but keeps working its way out!! (really uncomfortable too even super far pushed in!) Had no problems before, but even when I go to the loo it works its way out and absorbs wee so have to change it! Arg! Oh the things we post about - have name changed a bit less shame!! Have I lost something on the way or has anybody else had this and has itsolved itself or (gulp is there something I can do/ need to see dr for? Thanks!

IntergalacticWalrus Sat 18-Aug-07 16:52:44

How long is it since your baby was born?

Desiderata Sat 18-Aug-07 16:55:10

I've always had a problem with tampons. They just seem to work their way out <and 'no' to everyone smirking. I do not have a baggy fanny>. It's a moistness issue

I think, so soon after dd1, you should switch to sanitary towels for a bit.

divastrop Sat 18-Aug-07 16:56:34

i had this problem after babies 3,4 and 5.i mentioned it to the doc at one point and she said everything was just a bit baggy down there still and to do my pelvic floor excersises last period was my 3rd post-dd3,and i noticed it wasnt as bad as the first one,so it does improve but PFE's are the way to go

(btw,i mentioned it to the doc when she was checking my coil so she could have a look while she was there iyswim)

letsnot Sat 18-Aug-07 17:00:33

6 months since dd - I wondered if it was a bit soon - was just trying to get back to normal asap if you know what I mean!! Yes, am a bit on the dry side and feel a bit squeaky!! Thansk for replies - glad I'm not just abnormal - hmm if it gets better after more dcs will ave to get onto dp - might get it all done at once and work on muscles in another lifetime!! Dont we just love them!!

divastrop Sat 18-Aug-07 20:17:31

i meant that it improved with each period post-baby.dd3 is 5 months now.after ds2 they didnt work their way out,they fell out,but since having him ive been doing pelvic floor excersises religiously(hes 4 now).

alycat Sat 18-Aug-07 20:23:41

I was like this too, found it all very strange and uncomfortable.

Am now a mooncupper, fab bit of kit, no falling out no leaks.

morningpaper Sat 18-Aug-07 20:28:53

you can get ones that expend WIDTHWAYS instead of LENGTHWAYS

(Lilets I think)

Or a mooncup

Or a sheep

divastrop Sat 18-Aug-07 20:38:44

MP-lilets have always expanded widthways and lengthways,but even the super plus size dont expand to 3inches

can you get mooncups that dont fall out of channel-tunnel size fanjos?do they not spill their contents if you forget to empty them?

a sheep would be too itchy,i think.

morningpaper Sat 18-Aug-07 21:39:53

the hooves can scratch

what about some sort of industrial foam?

mooncups are fine

or a sink plunger

weebleswobble Sat 18-Aug-07 21:55:36

I find an empty Ben & Jerry's carton works well.

divastrop Sat 18-Aug-07 23:26:58

ok i will go and read some old mooncup threads for some genuine info

i mean old threads about mooncups btw,not threads about old mooncups.although if i could get a 2nd hand one off ebay i could save a few quid(bit skint due to forthcoming wedding).

Feenie Sat 18-Aug-07 23:27:40

Brilliant title!!!

expatinscotland Sat 18-Aug-07 23:28:14


onlyWotz Sat 18-Aug-07 23:30:30

skirts, fan them out to 'mind the gap'

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Sat 18-Aug-07 23:34:01

'tis normal.....and I don't have a baggy fadge as DS was emergency C section but was in the canal for a while so it must have changed something.....

Ahh well, as long as DH doesn't ever say blimey, feels like a glove compartment here when we are having sex, it is ok......

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