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Blood pressure question

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Motheroffourdragons Wed 06-Nov-19 19:43:17

My husband was asked by his GP to record his BP over a period of a week after it read high in the surgery (silly man did not ask how high) when he was there for another reason.

He has recorded it dutifully twice morning and twice evening and returned the form to the GP who has now said the results are normal.

The average readings were 135/90 in the morning and 140/90 in the evening. So as these were averages, there were a couple around 150/95.

When you google these results appear to be high blood pressure.

Should he make another appt to see the GP to talk about it or should he just accept the GP's opinion that these are normal.


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Redspider1 Wed 06-Nov-19 19:48:47

I’d keep monitoring it for a week and go back if no lower. It does seem on the high side.

AlunWynsKnee Wed 06-Nov-19 19:51:29

140 seems to be a threshold for treatment.

cptartapp Wed 06-Nov-19 19:53:22

We treat anything consistently over 150/90 (lower threshold if diabetic/kidney disease.) BP will fluctuate, we look at the average.
If he's otherwise well then look at lifestyle changes, diet, weight loss, stop smoking, reduce alcohol etc where appropriate and maybe repeat the process in 3 months. If he's aged between 40-74 he's entitle to an NHS healthcheck, so make sure he's had his bloods done (glucose, cholesterol etc) if not already.

Redspider1 Wed 06-Nov-19 19:55:21

DH’s was 135/90 in GP’s office and was told if it stayed that way he would need to consider treatment. We tested at home and it was 125/80 ish with the odd 130 or 135. Seemed it was white coat syndrome. He is slim and fit but we did swap to lo salt and cut bacon etc out to be on the safe side. Mine is much lower at 100/65 and I’m not as fit as him so it was a worry.

cptartapp Wed 06-Nov-19 20:00:42

DH's BP here is around 160's/100. He's recording it for several days but looks like he'll be off to the GP next week. Is very healthy otherwise, runs, non smoker etc, but has grandparents that died in their 40's and 50's so some family history there. I eat crap and don't move and my BP is fine. He's non too pleased!

Motheroffourdragons Wed 06-Nov-19 20:18:16

Thanks everyone, we thought it was a bit on the high side, so were at least expecting some advice on what to do.

He is happy to look at lifestyle - he is in his mid 50s with no real other problems - except for a bad hip which he needs physiotherapy for and which is what took him there in the first place. He doesn't smoke , but enjoys his food! He does need to lose some weight - but not a massive amount, maybe half a stone but is always travelling with work and staying in hotels which makes it difficult.

Thanks for all the advice, it is very much appreciated.

He will keep recording it over the next few weeks and go back if no improvement.

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