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Filling or tooth extraction ? And fear of the dentist .

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M0psey Wed 06-Nov-19 17:26:58

A few weeks ago I was having problems with hot things creating a real pain in my tooth. So my dentist took out the old filling and put in a new (composite )one.

However the reaction to anything hot has become much worse, so back to the dentist yesterday. She took another x ray and said that there was no infection but definite inflammation. Her plan is to remove the filling (again) , place a medicated dressing and then a temporary filling on top.
Leave that for a week or two and see if the inflammation goes away. Though I doubt that it will cure the pain from hot things.
Then back again to have all that removed , and if the inflammation has gone, she will then put in another composite filling.
If the dressing hasn't done the trick then she would need to do root canal treatment.

But oh dear me! I have such a fear of going to the dentist, and all this sounds absolutely horrendous to me.

I feel I'd rather have the wretched tooth taken out and be done with it.
I know I've had one of these dressings before years ago with a problem tooth and a) it tastes absolutely foul and b) it didn't work , and I had to have that offending tooth out anyway.

So what to do ? I am such a wimp, and I know that having the tooth out will be a real trauma for me, but at least it would be gone for good.

Don't know what to do.... decisions, decisions. Help !!

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 06-Nov-19 23:13:09

Which tooth is it? A root canal is really just a long, boring filling - and depending on the tooth possibly not even that long. Once the tooth is gone, it’s gone, so I would personally try to keep it if I could.

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